Dogs are people, too, right?

The guy at the end of this video says so! And he's talking about our top choice for the best dog shampoo for dandruff!

If your dog is constantly scratching and you're finding dandruff in the fur, then your best friend may have a dandruff problem.

While dandruff isn't harmful to your dog, it can be uncomfortable for him and it's definitely not attractive.

Luckily, there are a variety of dog shampoos for dandruff on the market that can help. In this blog post, we'll review some of the best options so you can find the right one for your pup.

We'll be sharing our favorites in a minute, but first read through how we decide what to recommend.

How We Choose Our Favorites

First, it's important to know that even though pets are people, too, we can't use people shampoo on pets! (Try saying that 5 times!) Your dog's skin pH is different from our skin.

Now, we aren't saying that cats aren't people, too, but they are definitely not dogs! Most dog shampoos cannot be used on cats, especially those containing coal tar.

We also believe it’s important to determine the cause of the underlying issue, so please consult your veterinarian if skin issues become a consistent problem.

It's important to use the right ingredients to tackle dandruff, but not irritate or cause further dryness with certain harsh ingredients. We like to avoid products with sulfates, parabens, soaps, phthalates, minerals, formaldehyde, and fragrances.

On the other hand, we want to see gentle but effective ingredients like aloe vera, tea tree oil, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, allantoin, and oatmeal to name a few.

In addition, the right shampoo will not wash away the topical flea and tick treatments that you have applied.

We would also like to recommend a dandruff removal comb that you can use. Check out our article: How to Use a Dandruff Remover Comb: A Super Easy Method! Now, this article was written for people, but will work great for your pup!

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Our Top FeedbackFinds

Best Selling Dandruff Shampoo for Dogs

Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiparasitic & Antiseborrheic Medicated Dog Shampoo

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Why It's A Winner

If your dog is suffering from seborrhea, mange, or any other kind of parasitic infection, don't despair!

There's an easy and affordable solution with Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiparasitic and Antiseborrheic Medicated Shampoo for Dogs.

This shampoo is a customer favorite! It is the #2 selling shampoo in the entire dog shampoo category - not just the dandruff category! With over 54,000 reviews that average 4.5 out of 5 stars, that's amazing.

Formulated to provide relief from symptoms like an inflamed scalp, greasy skin, rashes, and scaly skin similar to dandruff, this shampoo is easy to use and will have your furry friend feeling better in no time.

Simply shampoo 2-3 times per week initially, and then less frequently as the skin improves.

So give your dog the gift of comfort today!

Know a Little Bit More

The veterinary-grade ingredients in this shampoo are effective against seborrhea, mange, parasitic and bacterial infections.

The primary active ingredients are coal tar, salicylic acid, and micronized sulfur. Plus, the colloidal oatmeal and allantoin in the shampoo help to hydrate skin and promote healing.

You can also use this antiparasitic mange shampoo for dogs with other topical spot-on flea and tick treatments. It works great for pets that have allergy-prone and yeasty skin types.

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Best All-in-One Shampoo and Conditioner

Honest Paws Skin and Coat 5-in-1 Dog Wash

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Why It's A Winner

Looking for a dog wash that does it all?

Meet Honest Paws Skin & Coat 5-in-1 Dog Wash!

This premium dog wash is all you need to keep your pup’s fur and skin soft, clean and moisturized.

It deodorizes, conditions, and detangles. All this comes in one easy-to-use formula. Plus, it’s good for all breeds and beginning at 12 weeks of age – making it the perfect choice for your furry friend.

And because it’s dye-free and doesn’t contain MEA, DEA, sulfates, or parabens, you can feel good about using it on your pup.

So why wait? Get your paws on Honest Paws Skin & Coat 5-in-1 Dog Wash today!

Know a Little Bit More

Is your dog's coat looking a little dull?

This luxurious dog wash uses soothing oats and aloe to hydrate, moisturize and condition your dog's fur.

It helps to eliminate matting as well as skin irritation, and makes your furry friend enjoy bath time! (Ok, well maybe not!)

Skin & Coat 5-in-1 has a full 98.25% of its ingredients derived from  natural sources. The formula is plant-based and gentle for sensitive skin.

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Best Mosturizing Natural Formula

ResQ Organics Manuka Honey Shampoo for Dogs

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Why It's A Winner

If your furry friend is in need of a little TLC, ResQ Organics Manuka Honey Shampoo for Dogs is here to help!

This gentle, effective shampoo is packed full of antiseptic and healing ingredients like Aloe Vera, Manuka Honey, Cehami, and Chamomile.

It's perfect for soothing and promoting healing for all dogs who suffer from skin allergies, eczema, hot spots, bug & flea bites, sunburn, sensitive skin issues, clipper burn, or minor skin irritations.

Know A Little Bit More

When you want only the best for your beloved dog, reach for ResQ Organics Manuka Honey Shampoo.

This luxurious shampoo is made with all-natural ingredients and is free of harsh chemicals and fragrances. It's also GMO-free and proudly made in the USA.

Not only does ResQ Organics Manuka Honey Shampoo clean your dog's coat naturally, but it also moisturizes the skin, detangles, and restores shine.

Plus, it deodorizes and relieves itching. Your dog will look and feel his best - and you'll love the healthy, beautiful coat he sports after every bath!

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Best Dandruff Shampoo for Dogs FAQs

We know that you are looking for the best solution for you, and you may still need some more information!

These are our top 3 most frequently asked questions!

Can you use dandruff shampoo on dogs?

Yes and No!

Yes, you can use a high-quality dandruff shampoo formulated specifically for dogs to help reduce and eliminate dandruff.

No, you cannot use a dandruff shampoo designed for humans on your dog because the pH of their skin is different.

There are a few who disagree with this assessment, but we would always recommend being on the safe side for your pet!

And if you read the ingredients and benefits of the best dog dandruff shampoo, you will get an idea why these dog shampoo options would be best for your dog.

How often should I bathe my dog with dandruff?

This answer will vary with the specific product being used and your dog's exact condition and severity of dandruff.

Over shampooing can cause itchy skin, flaky skin, dry and irritated skin.

The best advice is to refer to the product's instructions.

Advice is usually once or twice per week depending on the amount of dandruff, the season, and your particular dog.

What causes excessive dandruff in dogs?

There are quite a few causes of excessive dandruff, dry skin, and other skin irritations in dogs.

Certain dogs actually have a genetic predisposition to skin issues, but most are related to environmental or health issues.

Environmental issues can include, seasonally dry or humid air, the impact of household heating and air systems, allergies, and parasites.

Health issues can be related to diet, obesity, nutritional issues, hormones, and skin infections.

The Bottom Line for Your Dog's Dandruff Shampoo

If your dog is suffering from dandruff, there are plenty of effective best dog dandruff shampoos on the market that can help relieve symptoms.

We know you need to make the best decision for your sweet dog, and we hope we've provided the information you need.

If you've already decided on the best way to treat dandruff for your dog, then go for it!

If you still have questions, simply scroll back through above or click on the quick links below to get more information and current pricing.

Products Mentioned In This Article:

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How to Use a Dandruff Remover Comb: A Super Easy Method!

Best Selling Dandruff Shampoo for Dogs
Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiparasitic & Antiseborrheic Medicated Dog Shampoo

Best All-in-One Shampoo and Conditioner
Honest Paws Skin and Coat 5-in-1 Dog Wash

Best Moisturizing Natural Formula
ResQ Organics Manuka Honey Shampoo for Dogs

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