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Do you want to keep your head cool in the summer and warm this winter? Check out our fun take on this classic style!

We'll be showing you our favorites as you scroll on through!

So, you're at the beach, you're fishing, you're at a festival, or you're hanging out at the park having a fabulous time!

Then you realize it's hot, the sun is scorching, your skin is burning, your kid's cheeks are turning red, you're dehydrating yourself, and you're bleaching out your newly dyed hair! You're just about ready to pack it up and go home!

No need to head out!

All you have to do is scroll down and we'll show you some adorable frog hats that are a fun and practical solution for the whole family! And just a heads up, not all frog hats are green!

Wondering what the heck a bucket hat is about? We've put some information at the end of the article about the origins and history of this super functional hat!

How We Choose Our Favorites

If you need a durable, summer sun hat, it might as well have frogs on it! Our favorites are coming up!

While fashion and cuteness are a priority, you need to think about breathable fabric, the amount of shade from the brim, whether it's easy to fold and pack, and how you wash it.

We've been looking for the best hats to meet your needs so you don't have to come in from the sun to and sort through all the options available! We've reviewed hundreds of ratings and reviews to see if our favorites could make the cut.

So, whether you’re looking for something to save your hair, more options that are budget-friendly, or something that will keep you cool and make you laugh, we’ve got you covered. And we've got a surprise option coming up later!

No more delay - let's get to it!

Our Top FeedbackFinds

Best Single Frog Eye - Choice of 7 Colors

SAOROPEB Frog Hat Green

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Why It's A Winner

Looking for a unique and fashionable way to stay shady on your next adventure? This stylish hat features a frog shape with eye design, adding a touch of whimsy to any outing.

It's perfect for travel, hiking, camping, fishing, and days spent lounging at the beach. Plus, it's great for memorable photo ops! So don't leave home without your frog bucket hat - it's sure to be your new favorite accessory.

Know A Little Bit More

These are made of high-quality, breathable fabric that's soft and doesn't make you sweat in the hot summer weather. This is made of 100% cotton and should be hand washed.

The drawstring closure is a must so you can adjust the fit to your head. And when you're not wearing it, you'll want a frog bucket hat that can be easily folded up and stored without losing its shape.

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Best Frog Eye Assorted Color Sets

Geyoga Cute Frog Bucket Hats

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Why It's A Winner

This cute and stylish hat is sure to put a smile on your face for any occasion, whether you're headed outdoors or to a party. You'll be sure to get some compliments on your style.

This hat is easy to match with a variety of clothes. This stylish and practical hat will keep you cool in the summer heat. So don't hesitate, put on a frog hat and enjoy the fun!

Know A Little Bit More

Made of quality fabric with a soft mesh lining, they're extremely comfortable to wear and won't make you sweat. This is 100% cotton and will require hand washing to maintain color and quality.

Plus, they're packable and easy to carry around, so you can always have one on hand. And because they help protect you from the sun's harmful rays, they make a great accessory for any season. Whether you're running errands or enjoying a day at the beach, these hats will keep you looking chic and feeling comfortable all day long.

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Best Kawaii Cartoon Print

Pubnico Cute Kawaii Frog Print

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Why It's A Winner

This is a stylish and practical way to protect yourself from the sun. Whether you're gardening, hiking, or just spending time at the beach, this hat will keep your skin safe from harmful UV rays.

So don't let the sun ruin your day - grab a cute bucket hat and enjoy your time outdoors worry-free!

Know A Little Bit More

Made from high-quality, 100% polyester materials, this hat is designed to keep you cool and comfortable in all kinds of outdoor activities. It's also foldable and easy to carry, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Best Reversible Frog Print

Novia's Choice Unisex Reversible Cotton Bucket Hat

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Why It's A Winner

Looking for a cute and practical bucket hat? Novia's Choice unisex hat is perfect for both men and women, and can be worn on any occasion - from a day at the beach to hiking in the mountains.

The best part? It's packable and reversible, so you can take it with you anywhere! Whether you're looking for a fun new addition to your wardrobe or a functional accessory for your next outdoor adventure, this is a great choice!

Know A Little Bit More

This hat is stylish and functional Made of 100% premium quality cotton, this hat is soft, lightweight, and breathable for the perfect fit. Note that it is also hand-wash only for optimal care.

The size is adjustable to fit most women, men, girls, and boys. This bucket hat protects you from sun rays and UV radiation.

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Best Extra Cute Kids Options

Caviotess Cute Frog Kids Wide Brim Bucket Hats

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Why It's A Winner

Is your child always complaining about the sun in their eyes? Well, worry no more with the Caviotess Cute Frog Kids Wide Brim Bucket Hat! This super cute hat features a frog pattern in several fun colors choices that are sure to please even the pickiest of little ones.

The brim of the hat is extra wide to provide maximum sun protection for your child's head, eyes, face, and neck. This hat features an elastic chin strap to keep it securely in place.

Know A Little Bit More

Some color options are also available in adult sizes. And because it is made from high-quality materials, you can be sure that this hat will stand up to all your child's outdoor adventures.

The fabric includes 100% cotton pieces, so it is handwash only. So don't wait any longer, get your child the Caviotess Cute Frog Kids Wide Brim Bucket Hat today!

Best Multiple Print Options - 7 Unique Prints

Plushxury Cute Cartoon Frog Styles

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Why It's A Winner

Looking for a unique and adorable way to keep your head protected from the sun? This fun and functional hat features a cute cartoon frog design with strawberry accents, plus 5 more cute designs. It's perfect for all seasons, and makes a great gift idea too!

The Plushxury Cute Cartoon Frog Styles bucket hat is designed to block out sunlight and wind. It's also stylish enough for casual occasions, making it a great choice for your next outdoor adventure!

Whether you're fishing, camping, hiking, or just spending time at the beach, this hat is sure to turn heads. So don't wait any longer, order your Plushxury Cute Cartoon Frog Styles bucket hat today!

Know A Little Bit More

This hat is a cotton/polyester blend that is lightweight, foldable, and perfect for everyday activities in the sun. The breathing holes keep you cool, while the pretty prints and nice stitching add a touch of style. Plus, the unisex design is suitable for everyone.

It's Surprise Time!

Bucket hats aren't just for summer! They will protect your hair, face, and eyes in the winter as well! You can use any of the hats we've already suggested, but this one is made just for colder weather!

Best Winter Frog Hat!

Surkat Plush Winter Bucket Hat

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Why It's A Winner

Introducing the Surkat Plush Winter Bucket Hat! This fashionable and elegant hat is perfect for keeping you warm and stylish all winter long. Made from soft and plush materials, this hat is comfortable to wear and will keep you snug as a bug in a rug.

The adjustable drawstring ribbon inside the sweatband allows you to customize the fit, making it ideal for those with larger or smaller head sizes. Plus, the ribbon also helps to keep the hat in place on windy days.

Whether you're out on a winter hike or just relaxing at home, this hat is sure to become your new go-to accessory. So don't let the cold weather get you down – grab a Surkat Plush Winter Bucket Hat today!

Know A Little Bit More

These frog bucket hats are made of premium quality faux fur and lined with polyester for soft and comfortable wear. They also have a deeper crown to keep you warmer and better protected against strong winds. Plus, their unisex design means they'll look great on everyone! This hat is also handwash only.

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Bucket Hat FAQs

Here's a list of commonly asked questions that you'll want to read to get a better idea what type of bucket hat is best for you!

Are bucket hats in style 2022?

Yes! Bucket hats have become a timeless staple. This means that the current style and look of the hat may change, but "old" styles are still welcome and wearable!

You will want more than one, so be sure to watch your order total when you cart buy!

Do bucket hats look good on everyone?

We think so! The best way to decide if it will look good on you is to simply try them on. These hats are generally one-size and made with good quality, durable material.

When can you wear a bucket hat?

Bucket hats have become a year-round, functional fashion statement. With many fabric weights and styles, they are great outdoors or with an indoor fashion outfit.

What face shape suits a bucket hat?

There are a couple of general suggestions, but really anyone who loves the style can wear it.

They are suggested if you have a wide or tall forehead to shorten the overall look, but not as ideal if you have a high crown that will create the illusion of too much height.

But who's to say that's not what you want?

Should a bucket hat be tight or loose?

In terms of comfort and function, keep the hat fairly loose to allow the cooling benefit to kick in during hot weather.

Is it weird to wear bucket hats in the winter?

No, it's not weird. Many bucket hats are designed with winter fabrics.

What are the holes in bucket hats for?

The holes allow for better ventilation to keep you cool.

Is the bucket hat a trend or a fad?

Generally, fashionable items will come and go over time, sometimes trending up and sometimes on a current style break! Fads are more of a "one-time, 15 minutes of fame" type design that is not likely to recur. (Think parachute pants, we hope.)

So, bucket hats are an iconic fashion style with a particular fabric and decorative features that can be trending. A simple internet search will let you know the up-to-date styles!

How do you keep a bucket hat from flying off?

Many bucket hats come with a string tie just for windy weather, being on boats, or at the beach. Also try to wear the hat lower and close to the head.

It's Time to Choose!

Are you ready to head out in style wearing a hat that protects you from the elements?

The best part is that you aren't limited by our favorite styles! When you click to get more information, you will be able to search many more options, and dare I say it, it's still a great hat even if you want to choose a non-frog pattern!

We’ve tried to provide a variety of our favorites for you to choose from based on our research and reading hundreds of reviews.

There's a lot more to know! More information is available using the buttons above under each hat, or by using the quick links below.

Products Featured In This Article:


Geyoga Cute Frog Bucket Hats

Pubnico Cute Kawaii Frog Print

Novia's Choice Unisex Reversible Cotton Bucket Hat

Caviotess Cute Frog Kids Wide Brim Bucket Hats

Plushxury Cute Cartoon Frog Styles

Surkat Plush Winter Bucket Hat

As promised: A Brief History of the Bucket Hat!

While it might look like a fashion statement that popped up recently, the bucket hat actually has a long and varied history. It's originally from the early 1900s and was made with lightweight cotton and small enough to fold up in a pocket to protect anyone that regularly works outdoors, like farmers and fishermen.

The best, classic feature is the downward sloping brim that ensures rain will flow down and away from the face. The bucket hat was even issued to troops during the Vietnam War to help keep them cooler and protect from sunburn on the face and neck.

I'm a little younger than the decade of the 60s, but I watched plenty of Gilligan's Island reruns where the main character was never without his iconic, trusty bucket hat! Many other famous singers and celebrities have worn them regularly over the years.

The bottom line is that the bucket hat continues to evolve in style and fabric and won't be going away anytime soon! So, just know that there's a bucket hat out there that was made just for you!

Wishing you happy outings!

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