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The 1988 Holiday Barbie is the first doll in the Signature Holiday Barbie Collectible Series!

This beautiful Barbie has the honor of being the first "collectible series" Barbie. When the doll was released, it sold out super fast and gained a following in the resale market right away. Mattel quickly realized that they could make and sell a Holiday Barbie every year.

So, the first Holiday Barbie wasn't even the first yet, since there was no second. It's kind of like when you have a family barbecue and then the next year you realize you're having the 2nd family barbecue in the family gathering series, which makes the first one the first, right?

Either way, it's become a fabulous holiday tradition that's here to stay!

You’ll find the 1988 Holiday Barbie dressed in a bright red tulle gown with big blonde hair.

We've found prices for this Barbie all over the map! That's right, you can buy them all around the world! And there's a huge price range depending on the doll's condition, whether or not it has a box, if it has a box was the doll ever taken out of it? Lots of factors, including availability, drive the price!

The least expensive one we found was around $60 and was well-loved! Meaning plenty of wear and tear which we find so endearing! Many happy times were had!

The most expensive we found was $999 for a Barbie in "awesome shape," which may be a high price since we also found a "Mint in Box" Barbie for a mere $640!

We've chosen to provide a link to a Barbie advertised as new and in a never-opened box that is priced in the middle of the range. We chose this Amazon seller for the obvious benefits: easy access, quick and free delivery options, a generous holiday return policy, a high average review rating, and the opportunity to read reviews from customers just like you!

We encourage you to check out this seller using the button below to get more information and then do a personal search for other options available either on Amazon or from another site and seller.

Be sure to do some due diligence to feel comfortable about the reputation of the seller and your reliance on the description of condition that is offered, as well as return policy and price.

One thing we know for sure is that this 1988 Holiday Barbie will bring endless years of charm to your holiday festivities, and probably go up in value at the same time!

It's also OK to click through just to window shop! She's a beauty!

Wishing you a fun and festive holiday season!

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