How to Comb an Afro with a Pick

If you have an afro, you know that one of the most important styling tools in your arsenal is a pick.

A pick allows you to comb through your hair without damaging it, and it also gives you the ability to add volume and shape to your afro.

In this blog post, we'll show you how to comb an afro with a pick so that you can keep your hair looking its best.

4 Easy Steps:
1. Start with dry, but moisturized hair. (Consider the products in our recommended articles below.) This will help to avoid breakage as you comb through your hair.

2. Start at the roots and use the pick to gently loosen the knots. Work your way down the length of your hair until all of the knots are gone.

3. Once the knots are gone, use the pick to add volume and shape to your afro. Start at the crown of your head and work your way outwards. Use gentle strokes and be careful not to over-comb your hair.

4. When you're finished, mist your hair with a light setting spray or oil to help tame flyaways and add shine.

It's That Easy!
In conclusion, it's important to remember that while using a pick is a great way to style your afro, over-picking can lead to breakage and frizz.

Make sure to use the right products to moisturize your hair and find a pick and a technique that works for your hair type.

And don't forget to limit yourself to just a couple of pick touch-ups throughout the day.

Happy styling!

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