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As a pregnant woman, you may already be familiar with the plethora of products you can no longer use due to safety concerns. But that doesn’t mean your skincare routine has to suffer! If you’re looking for a pregnancy safe alternative, bakuchiol is here to save the day—but first, let's take a closer look at what it is and how it works.

What Is Bakuchiol?

Bakuchiol (pronounced buh-KOO-chee-all) is an antioxidant-rich ingredient extracted from the babchi plant native to India and parts of Asia. This natural ingredient has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, but it wasn't until recently that it started becoming popular as a skincare ingredient. It contains anti-inflammatory properties and is commonly used as a natural retinol alternative due to its ability to reduce wrinkles and fine lines while also brightening skin tone and repair damaged skin.

Is Bakuchiol Safe During Pregnancy?

Yes! Bakuchiol is safe to use during pregnancy because it does not contain any ingredients that may pose a risk during pregnancy or breastfeeding. The key difference between bakuchiol and retinol is that while retinol can increase cell turnover rates which could potentially cause harm during pregnancy, bakuchiol does not have this effect. Instead, it helps promote collagen production without irritating or sensitizing your skin like other harsh ingredients might. You can rest assured knowing that bakuchiol won’t cause any harm or discomfort during your pregnancy journey.

Can Bakuchiol Be Used During Breastfeeding?

The short answer is yes – bakuchiol is safe to use during breastfeeding! There have been no studies done to show that bakuchiol passes into breast milk or causes birth defects when used topically by mothers who are breastfeeding. That being said, as with any new product, ingredient, or oral vitamin, we recommend consulting with your doctor before using bakuchiol, retinol, topical retinoids, azelaic acid, salicylic acid (or any other skincare product) while pregnant or breastfeeding – just in case!

What Are The Benefits Of Using Bakuchiol?

Aside from being safe for pregnant women, another great benefit of using bakuchiol is its anti aging ability by erasing wrinkles and fine lines without causing irritation or sensitivity like other products might. Bakuchiol is ideal for sensitive skin. Additionally, bakuchiol can help treat acne and improve skin texture by reducing redness and inflammation associated with acne or eczema flare ups. It also helps protect against environmental stressors like UV rays which can further damage already fragile skin cells during pregnancy. Last but not least, bakuchiol helps prevent dark spots caused by sun exposure which makes it ideal for those who are expecting babies in the summer months!

Ready For A Real Pregnancy Glow?

All in all, bakuchiol proves itself time and time again as a safe yet powerful ingredient for pregnant women looking for an alternative to retinol that won't cause any harm or discomfort during their pregnancy journey.

Its natural anti-inflammatory properties help reduce redness and inflammation while promoting collagen production which keeps skin looking youthful and radiant even while expecting moms are dealing with hormonal changes throughout their pregnancies.

So if you're looking for a skincare solution that's both safe and effective during your pregnancy journey, give bakuchoil a try today! You won't regret it!

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