Should I Shampoo My Bald Head

Whether you've become naturally bald or you shave your scalp clean, you still need to wash and care for your scalp, just like any other skin on your body. And yes, that goes for both men and women!

Just because you don't have any hair doesn't mean you don't need to shampoo. In fact, not shampooing can actually lead to a buildup of oils and sweat on your scalp, which can lead to scalp odor and irritation. Additionally, not shampooing can cause dandruff even if you don't have any hair!

So, how often should you shampoo? At least once a week, or as often as your usual bathing routine, but more if you work out regularly or live in a hot climate.

Do you use the same hair shampoo for bald heads?

No, the skin on the top of your head is different from the skin on your face or body.

Most hair shampoos, including anti-dandruff shampoo, conditioners, and even shower gel are designed to clean both hair and scalp skin including many ingredients unnecessary for a bald head.

These extra ingredients can lead to a dry scalp, oily scalp, and scalp irritation.

A wash or cleanser formulated specifically for bald skin is best. Generally, opt for a gentle cleanser with all-natural ingredients to keep your bald head clean.

Some commonly used ingredients for a bald head products are tea tree essential oil, shea butter, honey, aloe vera, jojoba beads, and other essential oils.

Expert Tip: After shampooing, rinse with warm water as usual, then follow up with a cold-water rinse to close the pores in your scalp. To be clear, cold doesn't mean freezing! Lukewarm or slightly cooler will do just fine!

Know You Know!

Shampooing your bald head is just as important as shampooing any other part of your body. Not only will it help keep your scalp clean and healthy, but it will also prevent dandruff and scalp odor. So wet your scalp, apply some shampoo, massage it in using circular motions, rinse thoroughly with both warm and cold water, and enjoy having a clean and healthy scalp!

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