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Looking for a new pomade that styles like crazy but is easy to wash out?

Water-based pomades, as opposed to traditional oil pomades, are the modern approach to keeping your hair looking great. They come in a variety of hold strengths and shine levels, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Plus, they wash out easily, which helps cut back on breakouts and acne.

You'll love how these pomades stay dry while keeping your hold exactly where you want it all day long - no need to worry about it falling apart throughout the day.

Check out our top 5 best water-based pomades for men and find the perfect one for you!

Whether you prefer a high and tight pompadour, slicked back style, or another cut, these men’s grooming products will keep you looking great!

How We Choose Our Favorites

It's hard to find the best pomade for your hair type and style.

Pomades are a great way to keep your style in place, but with all of the different types and brands available it can be tough to choose the right one.

Not to worry! We've got you covered. Our list includes top-rated pomades for all hair types, from sleek and straight to curly and wavy. Plus, we've included options for every budget.

We know you want a quality pomade that keeps your style in place all day but isn't so difficult to wash out.

So how do you know which pomade to choose without spending hours trying to figure it out and sorting through all the options available?

We do it for you! Based on our experience and after reading through hundreds of ratings and reviews, we've come up with a list to help you decide.

So, whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or something that will make you feel like a celebrity, we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading to find a quality pomade that keeps your style in place all day, but isn't so difficult to wash out.

Our Top FeedbackFinds

Best Hands Down and Affordable

Suavecito Pomade Original Hold For Men, Medium Hold, Medium Shine

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Why It's A Winner

Looking for a versatile pomade that can help you achieve any hairstyle? Look no further than Suavecito Original Hold Pomade.

This product is the #1 selling men's pomade with over 16K reviews averaging 4.7 out of 5 stars! And it's the most affordable!

This water-soluble pomade provides medium hold and moderate shine, making it ideal for both short and long hair.

Plus, its easy creamy consistency makes it a breeze to apply, and there's no crunchy finish. You can easily touch up your style during the day by reactivating with water.

Whether you're a professional barber or stylist, or just a guy on the go, Suavecito Original Hold Pomade is perfect for anyone who wants to look good any time of day or night.

Know A Little Bit More

Looking for the perfect pomade to keep your hair styled all day long? This unique formula grips your hair like wax but washes out easily like hair gel, making it a must-have for any grooming kit.

The light scent and easy-to-comb formula with no harsh chemicals make it a breeze to style your hair into any look you desire, whether it's classic, modern, retro, or old school.

Plus, there's no worry of white residue being left behind. So go ahead and rock your look with confidence knowing that Suavecito Pomade has got you covered.

If you'd prefer a stronger hold, they also offer an alternate formula.

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Best Tinted Darkening and Wavy Hair Pomade

Imperial Barber Black Top Pomade - Medium-Strong Hold, Low Shine

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Why It's A Winner

For a bold and daring hairstyle, look no further than Imperial Barber Blacktop Pomade.

This unique pomade has a black tint that helps to cover up any gray hairs and makes any hairstyle look more dramatic.

Blacktop Pomade reactivates in water for easy restyling and rinses out clean and easy. It's great for curly and wavy hair.

Blacktop Pomade is also available in a travel-friendly, 2 oz size.

Know A Little Bit More

This water-based pomade makes it easy to adjust the amount of hold.

For a lighter hold, apply a lesser amount on wet or damp hair. You can achieve a stronger hold by applying a heavier amount on dry hair.

Be sure to experiment to find the best combination for your look.

This pomade will give your hair a natural, healthy shine while still providing the hold you need to style your hair the way you want.

It works great on all hair types, including curly and wavy hair. It also works on brown, black, or gray (salt & pepper) hair.

This is also available in a Matte finish and the classic no-tint formula.

So no matter what type of hair you have, this pomade will work great for you!

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Best Unscented

Ace High Unscented Pomade, Medium to Strong Hold, Natural Shine

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Why It's A Winner

If you're looking for an amazing water-based pomade that will give your hair body, control, and texture without weighing it down, then you need to try Ace High Pomade!

This pomade will help you create any hairstyle you want with its medium to strong hold power.

You'll get a natural-shine finish that looks great and washes out easily. Made with only natural ingredients, this pomade is gentle on your hair and scalp.

Know A Little Bit More

This product is perfect for all hair types and provides a strong hold with natural shine. Plus, it's unscented so you can rock your style without any unwanted smells.

Ace High Pomade was created in Metro Detroit and is hand-crafted in small batches to ensure consistent, reliable performance and quality.

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Best Volumizing Natural Ingredients

Redken Brews Maneuver Cream Pomade For Men, Medium Hold, Natural Finish

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Why It's A Winner

This Cream Pomade styling product gives medium hold with a smooth, natural, low-shine finish for all hair types.

It's slightly more expensive but is a best-seller with great reviews.

This pomade is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a medium hold without sacrificing style or quality.

It's perfect for any hairstyle, whether you're trying to tame unruly hair or just add a little extra hold to your look.

Know A Little Bit More

This cream pomade is formulated with water to create a defined texture that can be easily washed out.

It's great for pompadours and smooth, flexible styles.

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Best for Fine Hair

Layrite Original Pomade

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Why It's A Winner

This water-based pomade with a vanilla scent started it all. It works great for classic styles as well as messy wet looks.

It has the hold, control, and shine of gel or wax, but won't dry crunchy and hard, create flakes, or dry out your hair. Unlike a gel, it washes out easily.

Know A Little Bit More

This product works best for fine to medium-thick hair types of short to medium length.

Insider Tips: When hair is damp, apply Layrite Grooming Spray as a primer to get the most out of your pomade.

It's also available in a 10.5 oz value size, as well as a high hold "Superhold" formula.

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Water-Based Pomade FAQs

We've put together this list of FAQs to help you make the best decision for your needs.

With so many pomades on the market, it can be hard to know which product is right for you.

We’ve created a list of FAQs to help you choose the best for your needs.

What is water-based pomade?
Water-based pomade is a hair product that is designed to give your hair a more natural look.

It is made with water as the base, and usually contains some type of oil, wax, or resin.

This type of pomade is typically easier to wash out than other types of pomades.

What is the difference between a water-based and an oil-based pomade?
A water-based pomade is a product that contains mainly water and a small amount of emulsifiers. An oil-based pomade contains mainly oil and beeswax.

Water-based pomades are generally easier to wash out than oil-based pomades, and will have a strong but more flexible hold.

Oil-based pomades, while harder to wash out, provide superior stiff hold.

How long does a water-based pomade last?
It really depends on how often you use it and how much product you apply.

A small amount should last all day, but if you apply a lot, it might only last a few hours.

Water-based pomades are generally less greasy and more lightweight than oil-based pomades, so they won't weigh down your hair.

They're also easier to wash out, so they're a good option if you want something that will last all day but that won't be too hard to get rid of at the end of the day.

How much shine does a water-based pomade give?
Water based pomades have been developed to provide all levels such as high shine, medium, low or natural shine as well as matte finish.

Is a water-based pomade difficult to wash out?
No, water-based pomade washes out easily.

Can a water-based pomade be used on dry or wet hair?
Yes, a water-based pomade can be used on both wet and dry hair.

Additionally, it can be used to style straight or curly hair. Using a water-based pomade on wet hair will result in a softer hold than using it on dry hair.

For best results, use the pomade on towel-dried hair that has been combed through to detangle any knots. Then, style as desired.

Is it easy to create styles with a water-based pomade?
Yes, you will be able to create all types of slick hair styles by choosing the amount of hold and shine in the product.

Will a water-based pomade make my hair feel greasy or heavy?
No, water-based pomade is designed to provide a lightweight, flexible hold.

How is a water-based pomade applied?
A water-based pomade is usually applied by first wetting the hair with water. You can either use a spray bottle or wet hands.

However, applying the pomade to dry hair will result in a stronger hold.

Rub a small amount of the pomade into your palm and spread it evenly throughout your hands.

Then, start at the roots of your hair and rub the pomade in with your fingers as you work your way down to the tips.

Be sure to focus on applying the pomade to the entire length of each strand of hair. Finally, style and groom your hair as desired.

Are there any risks associated with using a water-based pomade?
Water-based pomades are generally considered to be safe, although they may cause skin irritation in some people.

They are easy to rinse out and do not leave a residue on the hair or scalp. Be sure to follow all product recommendations and continue your regular hair care routine.

Can a water-based pomade be used to style curly hair?
Yes, water-based pomades work great on all hair types including curly and straight, short and long.

Read the product information for specific styling recommendations.

Now What?

You're ready to try a water-based pomade, but you still have some questions!

We’ve tried to provide a variety of our favorites for you to choose from based on our research and reading hundreds of reviews.

Scroll back through our favorites or use the quick links below to get more information and current pricing.

We hope that by providing this information, we’ve helped make your decision just a little bit easier.

Summary of Our FeedbackFinds:

Best Hands Down and Affordable
Suavecito Pomade Original Hold For Men
Suavecito Pomade Strong Hold For Men

Best Tinted Darkening and Wavy Hair Pomade
Imperial Barber Black Top Pomade - Tinted
Imperial Barber Black Top Pomade -  Travel Size
Imperial Barber Grade Products Matte - No Tint, No Shine

Best Unscented
Ace High Unscented Pomade

Best Volumizing Natural Ingredients
Redken Brews Maneuver Cream Pomade For Men

Best for Fine Hair
Layrite Original Pomade
Layrite Original Pomade - Value Size
Layrite Superhold Pomade

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So Which Pomade is Best for YOU?

Perk up your style using a quality hair pick, and extend your style between washings with a dry shampoo.

Plus, keep your hair growing, full, and healthy with a proven biotin supplement!

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