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Chris Luck Founder of AMBSDR Brand Ambassador Platform

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How to Become A Certified Brand Amabassador Online

Do I need to join AMBSDR to be a brand ambassador?

Absolutely not!

AMBSDR is all about a professional team that provides the training and strategic support needed for independent brand ambassadors to build and super charge their businesses to greater success. The sky's the limit!

The workshop is FREE and will provide you with everything  you need to know to start a brand ambassador business in a 3-step program.

What kind of opportunities exist as a brand ambassador?

Brand ambassadors bring a whole new angle to the consumer market and work in a variety of environments.

With the continued rise in online shopping, a company's average brand ambassador can provide information directly to consumers by sharing their personal experiences, product testimonials, and product reviews for shoppers to make informed decisions.

The current online shopping market has encouraged many independent entrepreneurs to build brand ambassador businesses in a real and authentic way through blogging and several additional brand channels.

In contrast, you may find employed positions in retail and service companies that have contracts to provide brand promotion to other companies. In the old sales model, a sales associate contributes to educating the consumer to make a purchase decision. Today, it is a brand ambassador that educates consumers to make informed decisions about all kinds of products and services.

Job seekers will see that the latest job alert will include a variety of positions such as working with the AEO selling model, being an Ecco Brand Ambassador, and even a Diet Office Manager.

In either situation, a brand ambassador provides a valuable service by helping to determine consumer interest in a company's brand names and sharing product and service information that leads to product sales.

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