Surprise! Did I startle you? No?

Well, fear not, for the captivating 2023 collection of Halloween Squishmallows Squad is here to spook and delight!

As the autumn leaves start falling, the anticipation for the spookiest time of the year begins to rise.

And what better way to celebrate and decorate than with the super soft, cutest, squishiest, and most huggable plushies on the planet?

Yes, you guessed it - we're talking about the Halloween Squishmallows Collection plush toys!

This year, we've been treated to an absolutely spooktacular lineup of these adorable creatures that will make you say "Aww" instead of "Ahh."

Whether you're a seasoned squeezable Squishmallows collector, a Halloween enthusiast looking to add some cute spooks to your decor, or a parent aiming to bring a smile to the face of many children, this year's collection is sure to bewitch you.

Now, you might be wondering: "What makes these Halloween Squishmallows a must-have?"

The short answer is their irresistible charm, delightful designs, and unmatched squishiness. But, there's so much more to them than meets the eye.

Keep reading to unravel the magic behind these bewitching buddies.

We'll dive deep into each character's unique traits, their quality, and why they've captured the hearts of many.

Best New Release 2023 Halloween Squishmallow Spookies!

So, grab your pumpkin spice latte, cozy up, and let's embark on this enchanting journey together. It's going to be a real treat, no tricks, I promise!

Scroll on down, or start with this quick list to jump straight to these sweet and spooky characters! You'll love reading about their personalities and Halloween attire!

When the Spooky Gets Squishy: Choosing Your Halloween Squishmallows

As the ghouls and goblins prepare to rise for their annual festivities, there's one element of the season that's been haunting our dreams - Halloween Squishmallows.

These adorable, cuddly creatures are the perfect blend of spooky and super soft, making them an irresistible part of your Halloween decor.

But how do we know Squishmallows are a step above the rest?

The short answer: We've done the ghostly legwork for you.

Here's a sneak peek into the process behind our love for Squishmallows, ensuring that each recommendation is not just a random pick from the pumpkin patch, but a well-considered choice!

When choosing these delightful Squishies, there are several key factors that we consider, and so should you!

1. Design

Halloween Squishmallows come in a variety of spooky and adorable designs. Whether it's a cute ghost Squishmallow, a charming witch, or a cuddly pumpkin, pick the design that resonates with your Halloween spirit and plans to decorate!

2. Size

Squishmallows range in size from small handheld plushies to large cuddle-sized companions. Consider where you'll be placing your Squishmallow or who will be using it to determine the best size.

3. Material Quality

Squishmallows are known for their super soft, marshmallow-like texture. These products are made from high-quality, durable materials that are soft to touch and safe for all ages.

4. Brand Authenticity

Due to their popularity, there are many knock-offs available in the market. Make sure you're purchasing an authentic Kelly Toy Squishmallow from a reputable retailer to ensure you're getting a quality product.

5. Customer Reviews

We check out what other customers are saying about the product. Positive reviews can give you confidence in your purchase, while negative reviews can alert you to potential issues. Children and parents both love Squishmallows, so you'll see lots of feedback.

6. Price

While Squishmallows are generally affordable, prices can vary depending on the size, design, and collectibility. Make sure to compare prices from different retailers to get the best deal.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and find the perfect Halloween Squishmallow to add to your spooky season celebrations.

All Right! It's Time to Get to It!

But Beware! Halloween is creeping up and you know what that means?

Our beloved, squishy Halloween holiday releases are flying off the shelves faster than a witch on her broomstick! (Yikes!) But hey, don't let that spook you.

There's a whole parade of these cuddly Halloween critters just waiting for you in our other articles and the Amazon Squishmallow Store!

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Our Top 2023 New Releases

Why Lester Is Such A Treat

Lester is a dreamer—literally. With a deep fascination for the mysteries of slumber, Lester spearheaded a sleep research group during his college years, delving into the eerie depths of nightmares.

He meticulously documents all his dreams, hoping to unravel the tangled threads of fear and curiosity that make them so captivating.

But don't let his spooky interests scare you away! This Squishmallow's super soft exterior and love for understanding the subconscious make him the perfect bedtime companion.

Who wouldn't want a cuddly, pumpkin latte-colored scholar of dreams by their side when the lights go out? With Lester, every night is a Halloween treat!

More Sweet and Spooky Details

Standing tall at 10", he's more than just a pumpkin Squishmallow plush toy - he's a creamy delight, a seasonal mascot, and your next favorite cuddle buddy all in one.

His body is a deliciously orange pumpkin spice latte! Perched on his head is a swirl of whipped cream, speckled with orange swirls and yellow dots, with a cheeky green stem peeking out.

But what makes Lester truly unique is his classic jack-o-lantern face, etched with a smile that's sure to light up your Halloween festivities.

Crafted from easy-care materials and filled with the iconic marshmallowy-like textured stuffing, this Squishmallow combines soft plushy fabric with a dash of spooky fun.

Perfect for fans and collectors alike, Lester is waiting to brew up some fun!

Why Ernest Is Such A Treat

Ernest is more than just an adorable monster - he's a hot chocolate enthusiast and a tic-tac-toe champion.

You can often find him parked outside his favorite dessert shop, sipping on his weekend treat and inviting fellow 'Mallows to join him in a friendly game of tic-tac-toe, with the enticing offer of his Halloween candy as the stakes.

With his vibrant orange hue and charming personality, Ernest is the perfect addition to your Squishmallow family.

But be warned, you may have to outsmart him at tic-tac-toe to secure his Halloween loot!

Everyone would want a cuddly, tic-tac-toe playing, hot chocolate-loving monster as their sidekick!

Go on, add a dash of monstrous fun to your life with Ernest!

More Sweet and Spooky Details

A sight to behold, Ernest boasts bright yellow and purple striped horns that perfectly complement his thick, sunny unibrow.

His adorable face is adorned with small yellow freckles nestled between his round black eyes.

He's got pointed yellow horns with purple stripes. His fiery red tuft and fuzzy red belly add the perfect touch of monstrous cuteness.

And oh, don't forget about his charmingly wide grin revealing two sharp teeth!

Standing at 10" tall, Ernest is a delightful mix of iconic marshmallowy-like texture and super soft plushy fabric, making him irresistibly cuddly.

Ideal for fans and collectors, this Squishmallow is crafted from easy-care materials, ensuring he's always ready for your next adventure.

Add Ernest to your squad and let the monster-sized fun begin!

Why Melfy Is Such A Treat

Melfy is more than just a plush toy; she's a symbol of allergy awareness and a testament to the importance of staying safe while enjoying life's sweetness.

Melfy comes from a family that diligently double-checks her Halloween candy to ensure she doesn't accidentally consume any tree nuts, to which she's allergic.

Despite this limitation, Melfy has a zest for life (or afterlife) and a love for sour chews, her all-time favorite candy.

She reminds us that it's possible to navigate around our restrictions and still indulge in our favorite treats.

Welcome this cute and cuddly ghost into your home, and you'll also be embracing a powerful message: life (and Halloween) can still be sweet, even with allergies. Now, isn't that a treat worth squishing for?

More Sweet and Spooky Details

Prepare to be charmed by Melfy, the Ghost Devil of the 2023 Halloween Squad.

Standing at a huggable 10" tall, she is a spectral vision in white, adorned with devilish details that add a playful twist to her ghostly guise.

Two horns wisp from her head, matching her wide red smile and the pair of wings flanking her sides.

Her round black eyes gleam with mischief while her silver cheeks radiate spectral cuteness.

The word 'Boo!' emblazoned on her belly in silver, outlined in light grey, adds a fun and spooky touch.

This squishmallow isn't just for show - it's designed with easy care materials and filled with the iconic marshmallowy-like texture that makes every squeeze feel like a super soft cloud.

Give in to Melfy's charm and add this delightful devil to your collection. After all, who can say no to a face that's equal parts spook and squish?

Why Cam Is Such A Treat

Cam is no ordinary cat; he has a wild imagination and loves pretending that boxes are his personal caves.

But don't be fooled by his witchy attire, when he's not casting playful spells, he enjoys the simple pleasures of life like napping on the beach, fort-building, or chilling out with friends.

This unique Squishmallow cat captures the spirit of Halloween with a dash of whimsy and a whole lot of cuddliness.

Why should you add this collectible Squishmallow to your collection?

Well, let's just say, if you're looking for a companion that can turn a cardboard box into a cave of wonders and make every day feel like a beach day, then Cam is the purr-fect choice!

Grab this magical kitty now and embark on a meow-gical adventure!

More Sweet and Spooky Details

The enchantingly cute 2023 Halloween Cam is a squishy delight.

This 10" cutie is a sight to behold with his winking expression and a purple witch hat that pops with a black stripe and a golden buckle.

But that's not all! An embroidered witch broom adorns his belly, adding an extra touch of Halloween magic.

Beyond the charming aesthetics, this Squishmallow is perfect for fans and collectors alike, offering that iconic marshmallowy-like textured filling and soft plushy fabric that makes it irresistible to cuddle.

Its easy-care materials mean you'll have more time for spell-casting fun and less for cleaning woes.

So, why resist this bewitching feline? Give in to the charm and order your Cam the Cat Squishmallow today and let the Halloween magic begin early.

Why Mead Is Such A Treat

Mead is a sweet Apple Cider that is actually from the Harvest Squad but certainly fits right in with this Halloween theme!

Mead's not just a cuddly companion, but also a tech-savvy web developer who loves to work from home.

Embodying the spirit of fall, Mead's decor style is as cozy as a warm mug of apple cider on a crisp autumn evening.

Imagine cute pumpkin string lights twinkling around the room, decorative bowls brimming with aromatic pinecones, and handmade candles infused with the spicy scent of cinnamon sticks.

This Squishmallow embraces the essence of the season, transforming an ordinary space into an autumnal sanctuary.

If you're craving a dash of fall coziness or need a coding buddy, Mead is your go-to Squishmallow.

Everyone needs a fuzzy friend that can debug your code and decorate your room simultaneously!

More Sweet and Spooky Details

A sight to behold, Mead is a delightful maroon cup of apple cider, complete with a charming cream label adorned with a red apple and green leaf at its center.

The brown rim topped with whipped cream sprinkled with brown and orange accents, and a cinnamon straw protruding playfully, will make your heart melt.

And let's not forget the apple slice perched on their head, the black eyes, and that irresistible black smile.

It's not just about looks; Mead is crafted with easy-care materials, filled with an iconic marshmallowy-like texture and wrapped in soft plushy fabric.

Ideal for fans and collectors alike, Mead is more than just a Squishmallow; it's a sprinkle of joy, a dash of comfort, and a whole lot of fun.

Grab your very own Mead today because good things - like this plushie - come in 'cider' packages!

Why Rosemary Is Such A Treat

Rosemary is a bundle of super soft, huggable delight!

Unlike any old bat, Rosemary takes popcorn popping to an unparalleled level, shunning the mundane microwave method for her trusty iron skillet and a secret mix of tantalizing spices.

She's a connoisseur of all popcorn flavors, but ask her on any given day, and she'll confess that caramel corn holds a special place in her heart.

This Squishmallow isn't just a plush toy, it's a companion with a story, a personality, and a passion for popcorn that might just rub off on you.

You're gonna love this popcorn-loving bat Squishmallow by your side, adding a dash of fun, a heaping spoonful of companionship, and a sprinkle of whimsy to your life.

After all, a day with Rosemary is like a movie night without the microwave — unexpected, but oh-so delightful!

More Sweet and Spooky Details

Rosemary the Bat is an 8” plush marvel that's much more than just a toy.

She's a vision in forest green, sporting tall, pointed ears and bat wings that are a holographic jade green spectacle.

The dark green fuzzy belly adds to her charm while her round, black eyes and smiling mouth with peeking fangs exude friendliness and warmth.

But she's not just about good looks. Rosemary is designed for easy care and features the iconic marshmallow-like textured filling and super soft plush fabric, making her irresistibly squishable and huggable.

Perfect for both fans and collectors, she's a must-have addition to your Squishmallow squad.

Get your hands on Rosemary today and add a touch of whimsical wonder to your life.

Because life's too short for ordinary plushies, and nothing says extraordinary like a holographic jade green bat Squishmallow!

Why Cailey Is Such A Treat

Cailey's a noodle-loving, star-gazing culinary whiz who loves nothing more than whipping up delicious meals with her grandmother!

But that's not all - Cailey is a pop culture aficionado, brimming with random fun facts that she loves to share every time she meets someone new. It's her unique way of making connections and remembering names.

Cozy and soft, she's the perfect cuddle companion for those chilly fall nights.

With her vibrant personality and love for all things cozy, Caily is more than just a toy, she's a conversation starter!

Well, where else are you going to find a collectible pirate crab that can whip up a mean pasta dish while schooling you on the latest pop culture trivia?

Trust us, Cailey is one rare catch you don't want to miss out on.

More Sweet and Spooky Details

Ahoy, mateys! Don't let her super soft pink exterior fool you!

Cailey's decked out in a fearsome black pirate hat, complete with a chilling white skull emblem and a matching red bandana.

And let's not forget her signature black eyepatch, strategically placed over her left eye for that added touch of pirate authenticity.

First making waves in the UK and Australia back in 2021, our beloved Cailey has now set sail worldwide, thrilling fans and collectors alike with her new piratical persona.

Crafted from easy-care materials, she boasts the iconic marshmallow-like textured filling and ultra-soft plush fabric that Squishmallows are famous for.

Hoist the anchor and add this collectible Squishmallow to your treasure trove?

Where else will you find a pirate crab plushie that's as fearsomely adorable as it is huggable?

With Cailey on board, every day can be 'Talk Like a Pirate Day." Don't let this opportunity sail away!

Why Cleo Is Such A Treat

Cleo, the Black Cat Witch of the 2023 Squad is an aspiring actress who relishes in the spookiest holiday of the year - Halloween!

As the president of the drama club, she loves nothing more than gathering her friends to dress up and reenact scenes from their favorite plays.

Cloaked in enchanting witch attire, Cleo is ready to cast a spell of cuteness and charm.

With her soft, squishable body, she's perfect for cuddles after a long day of trick-or-treating or play-acting.

Every good play needs a star, and this Squishmallow promises to deliver a paw-sitively purr-fect performance in your home's Halloween production.

Don't miss out on the chance to let the magic unfold!

More Sweet and Spooky Details

Cleo is all set to bewitch your heart!

This enchanting 14" black cat witch is donned in a black hat festooned with a green stripe, a gold buckle, and decorated with vibrant yellow stars and crescents.

Cleo also holds a mysteriously captivating potion bottle filled with purple magic!

This Squishmallow is an absolute must-have for fans and collectors, offering an irresistible blend of easy-care materials and iconic marshmallow-like texture.

The super soft plush fabric promises an experience as comforting as a warm hug on a chilly October night.

Every spellbound Squishmallow collection needs a pinch of magic, and with Cleo, the black cat you're not just buying a Squishmallow, you're adopting a charming companion ready to brew up some fun.

Act now and let Cleo cast her spell of cuteness in your home this Halloween!

Why Kuromi Is Such A Treat

2023 Kuromi isn't your average Squishmallow—Kuromi is the fearless leader of a biker gang (though they prefer tricycles to Harleys.)

Her loyal sidekick Baku, a flying tapir, is always by her side.

Dressed in her favorite color, black (because, duh), she's a tomboy with a secret girly side.

When she's not leading her squad members Nyanmi, Wanmi, Konmi and Chumi, you'll find Kuromi indulging in her hobbies.

She loves writing in her diary, whipping up shallot-infused dishes, and getting lost in the pages of a good romance novel.

She's soft, squishy, and perfect for a cozy cuddle.

It's not everyday you come across a tricycle-riding, shallot-cooking, romance-novel-reading skeleton Squishmallow, is it?

It's time to add some personality to your plush collection!

More Sweet and Spooky Details

Kuromi is an 8" tall bundle of adorably eerie fun.

This isn't your garden-variety bunny - Kuromi is a white rabbit sporting a black joker's hat adorned with a white skull and crossbones, and a devilish black tail that screams mischief.

But it's not all about looks; she's got substance too.

She's made with easy-care materials and filled with that iconic marshmallowy-like texture that makes Squishmallows so irresistible.

For this spooky season, her pink skull emblem has turned a ghoulish green, and she's joined the Skeleton Squad, proudly displaying her white rib cage.

For both fans and collectors, she's a one-of-a-kind blend of cuddly and creepy, perfect for Halloween or just because!

Don't wait for a full moon to make your move, let this collectible Squishmallow hop into your life!

Grab this Kuromi Squishmallow today and add some wickedly whimsical charm to your collection!

Why Holly Is Such A Treat

Holly is a vibrant purple owl!

This year, she's all decked out in a spooktacular spider costume, ready to steal the show at her annual Halloween shindig.

From apple cider tasting to pumpkin carving, Holly knows how to throw a party with her eight-legged ensemble.

Despite her spooky attire, Holly's personality is as warm and inviting as a fresh-baked cake—a hobby she adores.

With her vivid plumage and love for making friends, she's a social butterfly, or rather, a social owl.

Born on March 22, she shares her special day with her twin, Hoot. Although they're chalk and cheese, their bond is unbreakable.

With Holly, you're adopting a friend who'll bring an explosion of purple fun and a dash of Halloween thrill into your life.

Remember, a Squishmallow in hand is worth two in the bush—or in this case, the haunted house!

More Sweet and Spooky Details

Feast your eyes on the 2023 Holly who's taken a thrilling turn into the world of the spooky and fun.

Donned in an adorable spider costume, her wisteria hue is masked, revealing only her captivating black eyes, adorned with straight lashes, and a charming pink beak.

This Halloween Squad Squishmallow is not just a treat for the eyes, but a must-have for fans and collectors alike.

Crafted from easy-care materials, she's as low-maintenance as they come.

But that's not all - Holly is filled with the iconic marshmallowy-like texture and wrapped in plushy fabric that Squishmallows are known for.

Give your Squishmallow squad a new eight-legged companion who's not just super soft to touch but also hard to resist.

After all, who wouldn't want a hoot-iful friend like Holly to add some spine-tingling fun to their collection?

Why Rocky Is Such A Treat

This thrill-seeking Raccoon dressed in a Morty the Monster Costume, part of the esteemed 2023 Halloween Squad of Squishmallows.

This soft and cuddly raccoon is an adventurer with an insatiable wanderlust, always eager to explore new heights – literally!

This year, he's setting his sights on his first summit climb, a feat as brave as his heart is soft.

Decked out in his adorable blue monster costume, he'd love for you to grab a hiking stick and join him on his daring pursuits!

When you add this rare, collectible Squishmallow to your collection, but you'll also be gaining a plush companion who's always up for an adventure.

Remember, a journey with Rocky is never just about reaching the summit - it's about the squishy, cuddly fun along the way!

More Sweet and Spooky Details

Calling all Squishmallow enthusiasts!

Feast your eyes on the 2023 edition Rocky The Raccoon, decked out in a delightful costume, paying a cheeky homage to Morty the Monster.

Our furry friend Rocky, usually seen in his charming grey coat, has decided to step out of his comfort zone and into a costume that mirrors Morty's iconic cobalt blue and light purple stripes.

Don't fret though, you can still spot Rocky's characteristic black eye markings and white belly peeking through, adding a touch of familiarity to this unique ensemble.

With the distinctive marshmallow-like texture and plush fabric that Squishmallows are renowned for, this limited edition Rocky is not just another cuddly toy, but a collector's dream come true.

Embrace the fun, join the Halloween Squad, and let Rocky in his Monster costume add a dash of whimsy to your collection.

Act fast, before this adorable raccoon-monster hybrid scampers away!

Why Cam Is Such A Treat

Cam the Cat is a purrfectly adorable addition to your Halloween squad!

Cam's all about embracing his inner bat. Watch as Cam jumps in and out of boxes, transforming them into whimsical caves.

But don't let his batty disguise fool you, when he's not soaring through the night, Cam enjoys lazy beach naps, fort-building adventures, and spending quality time with his friends.

And here's a fun fact: his birthday is just around the corner on December 18th!

With Cam by your side, every day is an exciting escapade waiting to happen!

Don't wait! Grab this collectible Squishmallow and let Cam bring a dash of whimsy and adventure to your life!

More Sweet and Spooky Details

Cam is the ultimate Halloween Squad Squishmallow you didn't know you needed!

This 8" feline sensation is all about embracing the spook-tacular spirit of the season.

Dressed in a mesmerizing purple and black bat Squishmallow costume reminiscent of the beloved Squishmallow Joldy the Bat, Cam is the perfect addition to any fan's collection.

This charming kitty is also incredibly easy to care for, thanks to his durable and low-maintenance materials.

And let's not forget about his iconic marshmallowy-like filling and irresistibly soft plushy polyester fabric that will have you squeezing him tight all night long.

Trust me, once you bring Cam home, your Halloween celebrations will reach a whole new level of whimsy and fun.

Unleash your inner party animal and snag this collectible Squishmallow now – it's time to make memories that will make even the bats jealous!

Why Cinnamoroll Is Such A Treat

Cinnamoroll, a member of the Hello Kitty Squad, has joined the Pumpkin Halloween Squad!

This adorable plushie is part of a special collection featuring the lovable character Cinnamoroll, who fell from the sky and found a new home at Cafe Cinnamon.

With his cinnamon roll-shaped tail and a group of furry friends by his side - Mocha, Milk, Chiffon, Cappuccino, and Espresso - Cinnamoroll is ready to be the face of your squishy squad.

He is cute and cuddly and always there to lend a helping paw to his pals!

Fun Fact: Depending where you find him, he's also referred to as Cinnamon!

Besides being an absolute delight to squeeze and snuggle with, this limited edition plushie will add a sprinkle of whimsy and charm to your collection.

Don't miss out on the chance to bring home this sweet and squishy companion – it's a pumpkin-spiced must-have for any fan of Cinnamoroll and Hello Kitty!

More Sweet and Spooky Details

Get ready to fall head over heels for this 8" Cinnamoroll!

He's a slice of cloud-heaven, birthed on March 6th, way up in the sky.

Cinnamoroll's got a shy demeanor. He's a chubby canine with a mission to spread joy, one hug at a time.

He's swapped his usual fluffy white fur for an adorable pumpkin costume, complete with a cheeky black bat perched on top!

When not serving up smiles at Café Cinnamon, he can be found snoozing on unsuspecting customer laps, dreaming of warm, fresh cinnamon rolls.

With a popularity that skyrocketed him to the top of Sanrio's Character Ranking from 2020-2023, he's a marshmallow-like bundle of joy, wrapped in easy-care materials and brimming with cuddly goodness.

Add a pinch of spice to your collection with this limited edition Cinnamoroll Squishmallow.

Who could resist those blue eyes and pink cheeks?

Not us, that's for sure.

Why Aldous Is Such A Treat

Aldous is a star member of the 2023 Halloween Squad line-up!

Aldous oozes charm and personality, effortlessly blending the unique colors of teal and black, making it a standout addition to any collection.

But Aldous is more than just a pretty face. This bat has a penchant for cowboy movies and isn't shy about sharing his favorite quotes from them.

Imagine having your own personal movie quoting companion!

Aldous also harbors dreams of owning a ranch and starring in his own cowboy flicks, camera at the ready.

He's even extended an invitation to you to co-star in these future cinematic masterpieces.

Well, not only could you be adding a vibrant and unique piece to your collection, but you'd also be investing in a plushie with Hollywood dreams.

And who knows? You might just end up with a co-starring role in the next big Squishmallow blockbuster!

More Sweet and Spooky Details

This 12" plushie is a delightful sight to behold, with his triangular ears and wings that frame his body perfectly.

Aldous sports a unique color palette, with teal accents decorating his inner ears, wing membrane, and fuzzy belly, contrasting beautifully against his black exterior.

His round eyes, pale grey muzzle, and a charming curved smile revealing two pointed teeth, add an endearing touch to his overall appearance.

A perfect addition for fans and collectors, Aldous not only brings a visual appeal but also offers an unforgettable tactile experience.

Crafted from easy-care materials, he's filled with the iconic marshmallow-like texture Squishmallows are known for, and covered in soft plushy fabric.

Add a dash of nocturnal charm to your collection with Aldous.

We "bat" you can't resist those adorable bat eyes and that squish-tacular feel?

2023 Halloween Squad Mini Clip-Ons 3.5", Set of 6

Shop This Squish!

Why These Clip-Ons Are Such A Treat

Introducing your new irresistibly squishy companions!

These aren't your ordinary trinkets, these are adorable Squishmallows that you can clip anywhere: on your bookbags, backpacks, gym bags or even around the house.

They might even become your favorite keychain!

This collection features six charming characters each with their own unique flair.

You'll receive:
Cam the Witch Cat with a magic touch,
Wade the friendly werewolf with a heart of gold,
Joldy, the purple bat who adores the night sky,
Callum, the cuddly monster who's anything but scary,
Lester, the pumpkin spice latte drink that'll make every day feel like autumn,
and Karlie, the red devil bat who's more sweet than spooky!

Each Squishmallow is bursting with personality, soft to touch, and the perfect size to bring along on all your adventures.

Life's too short for boring accessories, and let's be honest, who could resist these cute little faces?

It's time to add a dash of fun and a pinch of whimsy to your everyday carry with these delightful Squishmallows.

More Sweet and Spooky Details

Compact but mighty, these mini marvels stand at a petite 3.5" tall.

Don't be fooled by their size, they're packed with personality and fitted with a handy Keychain Clip On.

These aren't your run-of-the-mill plushies, they're Squishmallows - iconic for their marshmallow-like texture and irresistibly soft polyester fabric.

Each Squishmallow is dressed to impress in their exclusive Halloween attire, making them a must-have for fans and collectors.

They're not just cute, they're also practical with easy care materials that ensure they'll always look their best.

It's time to elevate your keychain game and make every day feel like Halloween with these charming mini Squishmallows.

After all, who said style can't come in small packages?

Why Vlad Is Such A Treat

Vlad, the Vampire Squishmallow is a squishy superstar that leads a double life!

By day, he's a home-body, preferring the cozy comforts of indoors, but come nightfall, he transforms into the electrifying lead singer of the mallow metal band!

Between touring and rehearsals, Vlad loves nothing more than to indulge in a hearty plate of spaghetti and meatballs - just don't offer him any garlic bread!

This vampire-themed Squishmallow is the perfect blend of spooky and sweet, making it a must-have for your collection.

Who else can promise cuddly daytime snoozes and moonlit rock 'n roll serenades?

Add a dash of nocturnal charm to your Squishmallow family with Vlad, the most melodious vampire around.

Remember, great Squishmallows like Vlad don't nap on the job, they rock it!

More Sweet and Spooky Details

Feast your eyes on Vlad, the Vampire!

This 8" charming creature of the night comes impeccably dressed in a sophisticated grey tuxedo, adorned with red pinstripes on the lapels, and a crisp white button-down shirt.

To add that extra dash of vampiric flair, he's sporting a black bat bowtie and a dramatic black and red cape.

Vlad's open mouth reveals an endearing red tongue and white fangs, reminding you of his true nature.

Vlad is made from easy-care materials and stuffed with the iconic marshmallowy-like textured filling, ensuring it's as huggable as it is haunting.

Whether you're a fan or a collector, Vlad is a must-have addition to your Squishmallow squad.

Sink your teeth into this deal and let Vlad vamp up your collection.

Who can say 'no' to a vampire with such impeccable fashion sense?

Why Carina Is Such A Treat

With Carina's whimsical design and plush texture, she's more than just a cuddly friend - she's a space enthusiast with an unquenchable thirst for the unknown.

Carina has a peculiar fascination with UFOs, possibly due to binge-watching too many extraterrestrial TV shows. But hey, who hasn't done that?

Her love for space and astronomy is unparalleled, and her biggest dream? To witness a UFO with her very own eyes.

Join Carina on her cosmic quests! Whether it's UFO hunting or simply stargazing, she's the perfect companion for all your intergalactic adventures.

When you buy this collectible Squishmallow, you're not just getting an adorable soft toy, you're signing up for a journey to the final frontier!

Get your hands on Carina today and let the galactic games begin. After all, the truth is out there, and so is Carina, waiting for you!

More Sweet and Spooky Details

As an 8-inch, enchanting marvel, Carina boasts a cream stalk body, complete with a pristine white belly.

Her cap, a vibrant purple, is adorned with a captivating design of a yellow moon and stars, casting an aura of mystique around her.

But what truly brings Carina to life are her round, black eyes, and a magenta smile that radiates warmth and cheer.

She's a collector's dream come true! She has the iconic marshmallow-like texture and easy-care materials that promise endless snuggles and easy maintenance.

It's time to add this celestial mushroom to your collection!

Who could resist that stellar charm and squishy comfort? With Carina in your squad, every night can be a starry soiree!

Why Avery Is Such A Treat

Avery the Duck Squishmallow is decked out in a Jack-O-Lantern costume, ready to quack you into the Halloween spirit.

Despite his modest 8-inch size, Avery is a powerhouse on the Squishmallows rugby field, deftly manning the left wing with dreams of coaching in his future.

Post-match, you'll find him chillin' with his supportive family, indulging in celebratory popsicles.

This adorable, collectible Squishmallow isn't just about cuteness overload; he's a reminder that size doesn't dictate capability and that everyone has the potential to achieve their dreams.

Who wouldn't want a future rugby coach and Halloween enthusiast who knows the importance of family and post-game popsicles in their life?

Avery isn't just a Squishmallow, he's a squash-goal!

More Sweet and Spooky Details

Get ready to fall head over heels for Avery! She's swapped her usual plumage for a charming pumpkin orange costume this Halloween.

She sports an emerald green head atop a brown body, distinguished by a crisp white neck marking.

Her fluffy brown wings are ready for a hug, and her round black eyes, encircled by white rings, are full of warmth and friendliness.

And let's not forget that bright yellow bill!

This plush toy is a marshmallowy-like cloud of coziness, thanks to the iconic textured filling and soft plush fabric. Perfect for fans and collectors, with easy care materials that laugh in the face of dust and stains.

Avery's more than a mere duck in a costume - she's a beacon of cuddly comfort and seasonal cheer.

Don't miss out on adding this 'quack-tacular' piece to your collection!

Why Fifi Is Such A Treat

Fifi the Fox is a petite powerhouse of adventure and energy packed into an adorable 8-inch plushie.

Born on October 6, Fifi is a seasoned traveler, having explored the icy expanse of the Arctic and the lofty heights of mountains.

But don't be fooled by her adventurous spirit; this little firecracker knows how to unwind with some yoga flows, channeling her energy with such grace that she's even working towards her yoga teacher certification!

Fifi's vibrant personality makes her the perfect companion for those seeking a bit of excitement in their lives.

If you love the idea of owning a globetrotting, yoga-loving fox, with Fifi by your side, every day can be an adventure!

More Sweet and Spooky Details

This year, our favorite coral red fox has transformed into an adorable pumpkin Squishmallow.

The Halloween spirit is truly alive in Fifi, with her sporting a cute pumpkin top on her head — talk about festive charm!

Her large triangular ears, white inner ear accents, and distinctive facial markings remain, ensuring you don't forget her fox roots.

Add to that her winking black eyes, triangular nose, and angled whiskers on each cheek, and you've got a Squishmallow that's as endearing as it is unique.

The appeal of Fifi goes beyond her looks; she's crafted from easy-care materials and filled with the iconic marshmallowy-like Squishmallow texture.

If you're a fan of Squishmallows or a collector looking for that special piece, missing out on a pumpkin-fox hybrid would be, frankly, un-foxy-gettable!

2023 Fitzy The Goblin Halloween Squad Squishmallow 12”

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Why Fitzy Is Such A Treat

Fitzy is the most talkative member of the 2023 Halloween Squad Squishmallows.

This charming 12" goblin is known for his irresistible chatter, even during the most intense movie moments.

Fitzy simply can't resist sharing his thoughts about the on-screen action, making him the life of any party.

He's adapted his love for movies by frequenting drive-ins, where he can commentate to his heart's content without disturbing anyone else.

Plus, he never forgets to bring along his favorite drinks and snacks for an ultimate movie experience.

This plush toy is not just a cuddly companion, but a character with a story that brings imagination to life.

So why should you buy Fitzy the Goblin? Well, if you're looking for a Squishmallow that's more than just a soft hug, Fitzy is your guy.

He's the perfect partner for late-night movie marathons, and remember, he always brings snacks!

More Sweet and Spooky Details

This light green goblin, standing at a huggable 12", is an eye-catcher with his dark green horns and matching devil-like tail.

His light green pointy ears add to his mischievous charm, while his closed black eyes and mouth, adorned with a mint blush, give him a friendly, approachable demeanor.

Fitzy isn't complete without his beloved pumpkin spice drink, which he's always seen sipping from.

Crafted with easy care materials, Fitzy is as durable as he is adorable.

And let's not forget about the iconic marshmallowy-like textured filling and soft plushy polyester fabric that make Squishmallows so irresistible.

Who wouldn't want a goblin that offers endless cuddles and loves pumpkin spice as much as you do?

It's like having Halloween all year round!

Why Dustin Is Such A Treat

Dustin the Dalmatian is ready to steal your heart this Halloween 2023!

He's donned a devilishly adorable costume, complete with horns, and is all set for his first-ever 'Mallow Mash.

And guess what? He's looking for a partner in crime.

With a flashlight in one paw and a brand-new pumpkin basket in the other, Dustin is prepared for a night of trick-or-treating fun.

Now, he just needs a friend to share the adventure with. Is that you?

If you're ready for some spooky, squishy fun, then Dustin is your guy.

Aside from being the most charming demon around, he's also a limited-edition 2023 collectible!

Don't miss your chance to add a touch of devil-may-care attitude to your Squishmallow squad.

Seriously, who can resist a face that cute, even if it is a little scary?

More Sweet and Spooky Details

Get ready to fall for the devilishly charming Dustin!

This black-spotted white dog with his floppy ears and oversized black nose is all set to spook and delight you in his Dante the Demon costume for Halloween 2023.

His pure white muzzle and belly contrast perfectly with the bright red of his costume, complete with bat-like wings and menacing black horns.

This squishy devil is as soft and cuddly as they come, thanks to the iconic marshmallowy-like textured filling and plush fabric.

Dustin is a must-have addition for both fans and collectors.

Give into temptation and add this devilishly delightful, easy-care Dalmatian to your Squishmallow squad.

A little mischief never hurt anyone, right?

Why Lucasta Is Such A Treat

The 2023 Lucasta is ready to take on any spooky adventure! This teal bat is a symbol of bravery and resilience.

Last year, she might have been spooked at the Halloween fair, but this year, she's determined to face her fears head-on, especially during that hair-raising haunted house ride.

Accompanied by her faithful sidekick Ramably, Lucasta is all set to giggle away at the eerie sound effects that once sent chills down her spine.

This Squishmallow is a testament to the spirit of overcoming fears with a dash of humor.

If Lucasta can laugh in the face of fear, imagine what courage she could inspire in you!

Plus, who could resist that adorable teal bat charm?

It's the perfect blend of cute, creepy, and courageous—just in time for Halloween!

More Sweet and Spooky Details

Lucasta isn't just a plushie, she's a 10" sensation clad in an enchanting teal hue.

With her tall, pointed ears and bat wings boasting a glittery darker teal, she's a visual delight. Her belly, a fuzzy dark teal, is perfect for those comforting cuddles.

And let's not forget her expressive round eyes, framed with delicate lashes, and that adorable black mouth sporting two sharp teeth, adding a dash of spooky charm.

Made from easy-care materials with an iconic marshmallow-like texture and soft plush fabric, Lucasta is designed to be your perfect cuddle companion.

If having a cute, glittery bat that doubles as a comforting cuddly friend doesn't entice you, remember this: Lucasta is a statement piece in fluff!

2023 Archie the Axolotl in a Cleo the Cat Costume Halloween Squad Squishmallow 8"

Why Archie Is Such A Treat

Archie, the Axolotl Squishmallow, has donned a Cleo the Black Cat costume for this Halloween!

Archie is a unique character with a special talent—he communicates using sign language.

Archie is actually deaf, but that doesn't stop him! He loves learning sign language and teaching it to his friends!

When he's not busy dribbling a soccer ball, he's expanding his vocabulary, learning to sign words that capture the spirit of Halloween like 'trick-or-treat', 'chocolate', and 'meow'.

But here's the twist: Archie isn't just another cute face in the crowd. He's a collectible item.

Not only will you be adding a soft, squishy friend to your collection, but you'll also have a conversation starter—a Squishmallow who signs!

Now, how many people can say they have one of those?

More Sweet and Spooky Details

Archie is an enchanting sight with his pale pink body contrasted by bright pink gills on either side of his head.

His small, stubby arms, white belly, round black eyes, and cat-like smile will tug at your heartstrings!

But at Halloween, it's his Cleo the Cat costume that steals the show—a pitch-black exterior with a vibrant green tummy and inner ears.

As a bonus, this 8" Squishmallow is the perfect cuddle companion thanks to the iconic marshmallowy-like textured filling and soft polyester fabric.

Crafted from easy-care materials, Archie the perfect pal for both fans and collectors.

Add this one-of-a-kind Squishmallow to your collection today!

After all, who wouldn't want a sign language-speaking Axolotl dressed as a cat in their squad? Now that's a conversation starter!

Halloween Squishmallow FAQs

These are just a few of the questions we get asked all the time! 

Are Squishmallows still popular 2023?

Oh, absolutely! Squishmallows are still a big hit in 2023 and are continuing to make waves in the toy industry.

They've become such a phenomenon that their popularity has crossed over with other fan-favorite franchises, adding double the fun for collectors.

From Disney-themed Squishmallows to limited editions released by Walmart, there's no shortage of these adorable plushies.

In fact, adults are the ones driving the sales, proving that Squishmallows aren't just for kids.

Adults also appreciate that these sweeties are great bedtime buddies, couch companions, and travel teammates for themselves and their little ones!

And let's not forget the highly anticipated Halloween Squishmallows collection of 2023. It's been so eagerly awaited that it has sent their demand soaring!

Whether you're looking for the rarest Squishmallow like Cam the Cat or the cutest plush toys like the Pancake 3-Stack with Butter Flower, there's a Squishmallow out there for everyone.

So yes, Squishmallows are definitely still popular in 2023!

Is there a devil Squishmallow?

Absolutely, there is a devil Squishmallow!

Halloween Squishmallows have been all the rage, and the devil-themed ones are no exception.

The most popular devil Squishmallows include Karlie and Dante. Karlie is a plush toy with a devilishly cute design!

Dante is a bright red demon with bat-like wings, black horns, and rimmed black eyes - quite the character, isn't he?

You can find Halloween Squishmallow Karlie in our 2023 selections above.

These squishy companions are not only super soft, but they also have their own unique personalities, making them the perfect partners for your spooky season cuddles.

Whether you're chilling at home or on a long car trip, these devil Squishmallows are ready to make your Halloween extra cozy.

What is the oldest Squishmallow?

The title of the oldest Squishmallow goes to an adorable and cuddly character named Cam the Cat.

Launched by the Kellytoy company in 2017, Cam the Cat is a part of the first-ever squad of Squishmallows that included seven other charming characters.

With his soft texture and endearing personality, Cam quickly became a favorite among Squishmallow enthusiasts.

Despite being the first of his kind, Cam the Cat is still as spry and adventurous as ever, ready to embark on new journeys with his squad.

And guess what? He's not just the oldest, but many releases include one of the rarest Squishmallows out there!

So, if you're planning a Halloween Squishmallow hunt, keep an eye out for this feline pioneer - he might just be the purr-fect addition to your collection!

Is Archie the Axolotl deaf?

Oh, the wonderful world of Squishmallows!

In the delightful and squishy universe of Halloween Squishmallows, Archie is a fan favorite.

This adorable axolotl is known for his charming smile and his love for all things spooky and fun. But is Archie deaf, you ask?

Well, let's clear up that mystery. In real life, axolotls like Archie use lateral line systems to detect movements and vibrations in the water. They don't have traditional ears like we do.

Archie's bio says he “talks with his hands,” another way to describe using sign language. This has left fans wondering if Archie cannot speak or is deaf.

His fans know that he loves to learn and teach sign language to his friends!

It was later confirmed that Archie is deaf. The bio for the Party City exclusive axolotl Clutch says he "steps in to be Archie’s ears and advocate when they’re with someone who doesn’t sign."

For 2023 Halloween, he's learning 'trick-or-treat', 'chocolate', and 'meow'!

You'll find the 2023 Archie Halloween Squishmallow in our article above!

What is an ultra rare Squishmallow?

An ultra rare Squishmallow, my dear friends, is like the unicorn of the plush world, a cuddly creature shrouded in mystery and delight.

These are not your average Squishmallows that you might stumble upon in your local store. Oh no, these are the crème de la crème of the Squishmallow universe!

Ultra Rare Squishmallows are labeled with a golden tag and have a maximum of 50,000 units each available worldwide.

These extremely limited quantities, often released during special occasions or events.

Picture this - it's Halloween, and amidst the regular crowd of happy ghost and goblin Squishmallows, there's a Halloween Squishmallow with a unique sparkle, maybe a vampire owl with rainbow wings.

That, my friend, could well be one of the rarest Halloween Squishmallows.

So keep your eyes peeled and your hugging arms ready, because you never know when you might encounter one of these elusive, squishy treasures!

Now That's A Lot Of Squishy Info!

These New 2023 Halloween Squishmallows are the perfect blend of spooky fun and cuddly softness that will undoubtedly become the star of your collection.

Whether you're a long-time enthusiast or a parent looking for a unique gift, these cute, ghostly companions provide a delightful twist to traditional plushies.

Their charm lies not just in their adorably eerie designs but also in the stories they carry - each one a little Halloween tale to tickle your imagination.

So, as the autumn leaves start to fall and the air turns crisp, don't miss out on adding a touch of festive cheer to your home with these Halloween Squishmallows.

After all, who said Halloween can't be both spine-chilling and heartwarming? Here's to cozy, spooky nights with your new, squishy friends!

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And don't forget to check out our other articles or visit the Squishmallow Store for more cuddly friends!

You just might find more Halloween Squishmallows like Paige the Pumpkin, Jack Skellington, Jack the Black Cate, Emily the Bat, the Grim Reaper, Oogie Boogie, Hocus Pocus Squishmallows, a candy corn bat, and even a vampire cat!

Wishing you lots of candy and Happy trick-or-treating!

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