The first step is understanding the different sizes of scrapbook paper that are available. Next, you need to think about what you want to use the paper for. And lastly, you need to decide if you want thin or thick paper, smooth or texturized, or a completely unique look.

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Let's break it all down so you can make the best decision for your project!

There Are Four Main Sizes of Scrapbook Paper

12" x 12" square, 8.5" x 11" letter size, "6 x 6" square, and "3 x 3" square.

Some Very Basic General Suggestions

The 12" x 12" size is the most common size of scrapbook paper. It's large enough to document a wide range of events and experiences, from vacations to birthdays to holiday, and everyday life. You can also find a wide variety of 12" x 12" papers with different designs, textures, and colors. If you're just getting started with scrapbooking, the 12" x 12" size is a great option.

The 8.5" x 11" size is also popular among scrapbookers. This is the size of standard printer paper, so it's easy to find and to use. The 8.5" x 11" size is great for smaller projects, such as documenting a weekend getaway or a special meal. You can even create a large card that you can keep flat and put in a large manila envelope. You can also find papers in this size with different designs, textures, and colors.

The 6" x 6" size is perfect for mini albums and pocket-sized scrapbooks. This size is also great for card making and other little paper crafts.papers in this size with different designs, textures, and colors.

The 3" x 3" size is the smallest standard scrapbook paper size. This size is perfect for tiny details and embellishments. You can also find papers in this size with different designs, textures, and colors.

There will be many other sizes available to consider for your projects.

Use common sense and creative license!

You can mix and match and cut and collage to your heart's content! There's really no right or wrong. Let's face it, choosing the perfect paper design will often require you to be creative with paper size and weight. There are so, so, so many scrapbook papers you can choose! So, don't let paper sizes, colors, and textures limit the vision you have in mind for your latest creation!

Some things to consider about your project.

✂️Do you plan to put pages in a hard cover scrapbook, journal, or photo album? If yes, then you may prefer a paper that already matches those dimensions. If you find the perfect paper in the wrong size, you can cut it down or bring it together in a collage type fashion by creating it on a plain back sheet.

✂️Do you plan to use textured or smooth paper as a background or an embellishment? It's important to plan ahead which type of glue or adhesive will work on your surface. Some textured and glittery surface are more difficult to adhere. Watch the short video below to learn the basics!

✂️Does your project include a paper fold? While this can be done with any paper thickness, it will affect how you fold and the thickness of your final project.

✂️Do you plan to use a lot of embellishments? Embellishments can be heavy if made from thicker card stock paper, so putting them on a thinner paper weight background page is more difficult. This can still be done if you use a plain back sheet. Look for pre-made embellishment themed packages which are perfect for beginners and designed to adhere easily.

✂️If the worst happens, just start again! Over time you will gain experience. Paper products are relatively inexpensive, so give yourself a break and afford a little more in the beginning until you get the hang of it!

✂️What kind of pens will you be using to create lettering or designs? Be sure to test these on the papers you have chosen. You will want to make sure they won't bleed through or spread, and look for fast-drying, archival quality ink to preserve your work for eternity! (or close!)

Time to Get Crafting!

Now that you know the different sizes of scrapbooking paper available as well as what each one is best suited for, hopefully you have a better idea of which type of paper will work best for your current masterpiece!

If you're still unsure, don't hesitate to pick up a couple of different sizes and extra supplies so you can experiment until you find what works best for you! It's also a great idea to search some crafting videos online for a project similar to the one you are planning. You can also get some great ideas, tips, and assistance from a local craft store.

Most importantly, you can start with one project. You don't need to know how to do everything at the start!

And don't forget to see our Halloween Scrapbook paper picks!

We wish you Happy Crafting!

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One of the harder things to do for some of us is to learn how to adhere pieces of your project to your scrapbook background. It's not as simple as a bottle of school glue! Here's a short video with the basics!