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Calling all gamers!

Breaking news: did you hear about this super cute collection of Gamer Backpack Clips?

Introducing the Gamer Squad Squishmallow Collection – the best gamer squad out there!

These squishy clips and  plush toys are perfect for any gaming aficionado. So what are you waiting for?

Pick up a Gamer Squad Squishmallow Collection today and become the ultimate gamer!

Take a look at the Gamer Squad Squishmallow Collection available on Amazon right now!

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If you're looking for the perfect gift for your favorite gamer, look no further than this set of six Squishmallows Squad keychain mini plush! These soft and cuddly characters feature unique designs that make them appealing to gamers of any age. Not only are they adorable to look at, but they also each come with a clip so you can hang them off your backpack or bag.

Whether you want a matching set for yourself or a special someone, these little guys will bring a smile to anyone's face. What's more, they're made from premium materials that are both super soft and durable, so they'll last through all the gaming adventures you embark on! With bright colors and fun designs, these Squishmallows are sure to become one of your favorite accessories in no time. So grab a set today and let the gaming fun begin!

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If you're looking for a unique and fun way to go back in time, then you'll love the Adin Squishmallow Plushy! This squishy, plushy character is sure to take your imagination on an adventure like no other. Not only does he come with his own video store, but he also loves black and white movies and thrift shopping. Adin is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to turn their space game into a classic movie night.

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Casja the Squishmallow is truly a one-of-a-kind squishy that any video game enthusiast would be thrilled to have in their home. With her ability to play video games despite being visually impaired, she is a real testament to our capabilities and perseverance as humans. Her playful design, made with soft and durable fabric, makes for hours of safe fun for everyone! Not only are these squishmallows perfect for gaming, but they also make great cuddle buddies – so you can always keep Casja close by your side!

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If you're looking for a new business venture that's sure to be a hit, then look no further than Rada the Claw Machine! Not only is she passionate and driven, but she's also incredibly cute and cuddly. You'll have everyone lining up to try their luck at winning one of her Squishmallow prizes. With her detailed design and high-quality construction, she's sure to last for years. Her machine even has unique features like adjustable height controls and randomized rewards so that no two games are alike! Plus, you'll never run out of prizes with her large selection of Squishmallows. So don't wait any longer; invest in Rada and watch your business take off!

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Squad Members Currently Out-of-Stock

These Gamer Squad members are popular and often go out-of-stock - oh, no!

We recommend that you click through to the Amazon Squishmallows Store to check for updates in availability and sizes!

We don't usually include regularly out-of-stock items, but these are collector items that complete the set of 6. We felt it was important to include them here so that you will have the information you might need to complete your collection.

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Galia loves being active and out on adventures, plus she's so soft and cuddly that she makes a great companion. Whether it's playing catch or going for an outdoor walk, Galia's sure to have a smile on her face. Furthermore, the material used to make these squishable pals is durable yet lightweight - perfect for those moments when she needs a break!

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If you are looking for a cuddly companion with a bit of sass and attitude, then Tadita the Squishmallow is just the perfect choice! This adorable plush toy is soft, cute and sure to put a smile on your face. Not only that, but she can also help you out of sticky situations when it comes to life’s everyday challenges. With her bold and straightforward insights, Tadita will tell you the truth no matter what - with love.

Whether its relationship advice or goal setting tips, Tadita’s got your back! Plus, if you call in your questions directly to her show, she’ll answer them publicly with her special brand of sass. So don’t settle for an ordinary stuffed animal - get yourself a Squishmallow with personality! With Tadita in your corner, you can be sure that no challenge will be too hard to tackle!

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Meet Maline - the Squishmallow that has a sweet tooth, but knows sugar isn't good for her. In order to satisfy her cravings, she recently started baking healthy and delicious desserts that not only taste great but make you feel good too! Whether you are looking for a snack for yourself or something special to share with friends or family, Maline's yummy, sugar free cookies are sure to please. Get your hands on this Squishmallow and start baking some delectable goodies today!

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Time to Geek Out!

You can’t go wrong with adding any of these Squishmallows to your Amazon shopping cart – they make the perfect gift for gamers of all ages. Be sure to click through today to check out prices, how to ship, customer reviews, and availability for your purchases, and don’t forget to add a few extra toys for yourself before you checkout! You deserve it!

Enjoy Your Gaming!

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