These elephant Squishmallows are all the rage and are the cutest things on Amazon!

Take a look at these sweet, cuddly elephants and choose your favorite! (or two!)

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Mila has found a way to stay healthy and happy. She's got shimmery ears and a white belly! She came up with some recipes that make her and her friends and family feel good. Ready to try them out?

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This sweet tie-dyed and flower accented Anjali is perfect for collectors!

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Emma the Grey Elephant Squishmallow is a very kind elephant. She loves to use her art skills to make friendship bracelets for her best friends Lana and Luke!

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14" Cherish Hug Mees

If you're looking for a cuddly friend who can keep up with all your fun activities, then Cherish the Squishmallow is the perfect companion for you! This outgoing and adventurous girl loves nothing more than spending time outdoors, especially when it involves her two favorite pastimes: roller skating and picnicking. She loves to join you for long cruises on the boardwalk or enjoying a day outside under a shady tree, all while snacking on her signature sandwich – peanut butter and banana!

And when it's time to cozy up at home, she's always happy to cuddle in your lap as you watch your favorite movie. Plus, with her soft texture and bright colors, Cherish will bring extra joy into any room. So if you're looking for a pal that loves to move and groove, then make sure to get yourself a Cherish Squishmallow!

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10" Dumbo the Elephant (often out-of-stock)

8" Dumbo the Elephant

Dumbo the Elephant Squishmallow is the perfect cuddly companion to have by your side! Whether you're a fan of Disney's classic movie or just love elephants, this soft and squishy plush animal is sure to make your day. Its big floppy ears, cute nose, and trunk are all made from premium quality fabric materials so it's sure to last through snuggles and playtime. Plus, its large size makes it a great addition to any kid's room - adding both warmth and style. Get your hands on this delightful little elephant today - he'll be your faithful buddy for years to come.

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This sweet, soft plush toy is inspired by the beloved character from the Disney movie Inside Out. Not only does this lovable elephant bring your child's favorite movie character to life, but it also provides hours of comfort and companionship. The squishy texture of this toy makes it perfect for hugging and snuggling up during naptime or playtime. Its high-quality construction ensures that it will last through everyday wear and tear, making it an ideal addition to any bedroom or playroom. Bing Bong the Elephant Squishmallow is sure to bring plenty of smiles into your home!

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Off To The Zoo!

These Elephant Squishmallows are so cute, you're going to want to buy them all! They are super soft bedtime buddies! They make great gifts for collectors, kids, and adults alike. Click through the links to see today's best deals on Amazon. Don't wait! Check details about stock and features, and decide which elephant squishy is best for you!

If you need another gift or more sidekick toys, visit the Squishmallow Store!

Enjoy Walking on the Wild Side!

Maggie, Senior Blog Author
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