Welcome the beauty of creation into your child's life with Who Made the Stars? Little Bear's Bedtime Question.

This sweet story is also available in Spanish! You can also read this article in Spanish!

Who Made The Stars? Bear Childrens Book Pictures
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Why We Love This Children's Book

This children's picture book, Who Made the Stars? Little Bear's Bedtime Question, is the perfect way to end your little one's day!

Written by Leslie Olmo, this cute and comforting story follows a small bear who delays bedtime with questions (and more questions and more questions!) about the beauty of creation.

The repeating phrase "beautifully and wonderfully made," is based on a simple phrase from Psalm 139:14 (HCSB), "I will praise you because I am remarkably and wonderfully made."

While the book reinforces a simple Christian message, the message is appropriate for all children.

We think you will love it! Please check out a few of these illustrated pages below.

Scenes from Who Made The Stars? Childrens Book

As Big Bear answers Little Bear's questions in a rhythmic and repetitive style, children are encouraged to join in and learn a timeless message about how each of us is "beautifully and wonderfully" made!

This book is a perfect baby shower gift for new moms. It also makes a great birthday gift for little kiddos. These books have been enjoyed in classrooms, summer camps, and at many more fun events and activities.

Little Bear has SOOOO many questions to ask! You'll have fun finding out what's on his mind! Plus, you'll notice he's pretty good at pushing bedtime out a little further and a little further! But in the end, the stars are able to softly twinkle Little Bear to sleep!

Get This Book in English!

This book is great for kids who speak Spanish, but what a great book to share with your kids in two languages- perfect for children's immersion programs. To read and learn more about this book in Spanish, visit www.leslieolmo.com.

Get This Book in Spanish!

Learn More From The Author's Official Bio

Leslie Olmo is a loving children’s book author with two best-selling children’s books under her belt!

Leslie lives with her husband and two daughters in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

In addition to her family and friends, she loves Hatteras Island, peanut butter fudge, the Buckeyes, knitting, and the family dog!

After many years in the corporate world wearing business attire 24/7, Leslie does not usually go anywhere that requires more than shorts, t-shirts, a ponytail, and flip flops!

Leslie's experience raising two wonderful girls into young adulthood has been an inspiration for her work.

As a parent, she recognizes that children are often the spark that motivates us to think through our values and priorities so that we can live out a meaningful life.

Today's world is so complicated! While we cannot combat all of life's troubles, Leslie believes we can make an effort to share consistent and encouraging messages that will resonate for a lifetime.

Leslie has found that the best lessons are those that break larger concepts into short, simple, and memorable messages.

The best messages make us feel good about ourselves and the world around us. Simple core-value messages make us better decision-makers when it's time to take action in this high-pressure world of changing priorities.

Leslie finds this to be true for both children and adults and strives to reinforce these concepts in all her writings.

What does the future hold? An Empty Nest? Oh, no! She is in denial! With one daughter starting college and one just graduated, she will still have lots of "mom" stuff to do.

Leslie can be found online at www.leslieolmo.com.

Extras for Your Little Ones

You can download FREE coloring pages today (no purchase required) to accompany this magical bear children's book! Simply visit www.leslieolmo.com.

Special Features:

  • A sweet and simple message about the beauty of creation
  • Adorable Little Bear character who delays bedtime with questions
  • Timeless message that each of us is “beautifully and wonderfully” made
  • Official suggested age range of 2-5 years old, however, this is just a sweet book for anyone
  • FREE “Who Made the Stars?” Coloring Pages at www.leslieolmo.com
  • Spanish and English versions available


  • Rhythmic and repetitive style encourages kids to participate aloud
  • Learn a positive, reassuring message before falling asleep
  • Reinforce timeless values for young children in an easy to understand way
  • Teaches little ones to feel good about themselves and the world around us.

For The Love of Bear Books

As children, many of us have fond memories of snuggling up with a good book, one that featured adorable bears and teddy bears.

Whether it's Paddington Bear, Berenstain Bears, Goldilocks and the Three Bears,  my new favorite bear Goggles, or any other beloved bear character, these stories provide funny encounters and fun read-alouds that are still cherished today.

We strongly encourage you to add Who Made The Stars? to your special collection!

And don't forget about the polar bears on Polar Bear Island!
Polar Bear Island, Are You A Polar Bear?, and If I Knew A Polar Bear!

Reading Is So Important

The significance of these books goes beyond just providing entertainment.

Reading to young children is crucial in instilling a love of reading early on and inspiring imagination.

Studies have shown that children who are read to at a young age develop better language skills, social skills, and cognitive abilities.

Picture books, like those featuring bears, can be especially helpful in introducing a young girl or a little boy to the joys of reading.

Picture books featuring bears can be found just about everywhere making them a readily accessible investment in your child's love of reading.

Owning a collection of bear books can provide hours of fun and serve as a treasured childhood memory.

These stories provide imaginative play and valuable life lessons, all while being a fun activity and bonding time for parents and children alike.

So, the next time you're at the bookstore or poking around online, be sure to pick up some bear books and let your child discover the joys of reading with their new bear friends!

A Few Reader Reviews

"What a delightful little story about God’s love and how we are all wonderfully made. A sweet story guaranteed to be one of your little one’s favorites."
-Verified Amazon Reviewer, USA

"This book is super sweet and is appropriate for really young children. Especially the ones who ask lots of questions!"
-Verified Amazon Reviewer, USA

"A sweet bedtime story with brightly colored illustrations to read at bedtime or anytime. A story that will leave them feeling loved and special — just like little Bear."
-Verified Amazon Reviewer, USA

"What a wonderful sweet story book. And not only for children, also for adults to remind us that we are beautifully and wonderfully made."
-Verified Amazon Reviewer, Germany


Here are a few of our  most frequently asked questions!

What is Who Made the Stars? about?

This is a cute and comforting children’s book that encourages young kids to ponder the beauty of creation. Big Bear answers little bear’s questions in a rhythmic and repetitive style, encouraging kids to participate aloud while learning timeless messages.

Is there any additional material available with this book?

Yes! You can download free coloring pages from www.leslieolmo.com to accompany this magical bear childrens book! This provides a fun, complimentary experience for your little one to enjoy the beauty of creation even more.

What are some other popular children's books with bears?

There are just too many to count as you can see in this simple Amazon search result!

However, these are just a few of our favorites!

The Berenstain Bears series is another timeless classic that teaches valuable lessons to children through the adventures of Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Sister Bear, and Brother Bear. These books cover topics such as manners, honesty, and kindness in a way that is relatable and easy for young children to understand.

Paddington Bear is perhaps one of the most iconic bear characters of all time, and his silly antics have been entertaining children for generations. From accidentally flooding the bathroom to getting into mischief while trying to learn how to bake, this poor bear Paddington's adventures are sure to provide plenty of laughs.

Polar Bear Island is another fantastic picture book that features cute character polar bears and encourages imaginative play as they embark on an exciting adventure.

Where can I find more bear books for children?

You can find many of these on a department store shelf, a retail book store, or on any number of online book sites including Amazon.com.

What are other books by this author?

My Dad is an Undercover Superhero! is another wonderful children's book written by Leslie Olmo that is also available in Spanish. It's a perfect Father's Day or as an any day treat for kids and dads or grandpas. It's a picture book with an added super sweet investigation activity your kids will love. Purchase on Amazon or learn more at www.leslieolmo.com.

Leslie also co-authored The Success Code. This book is a compilation of the experiences of several authors. Learn about their life lessons, habits, mindsets, and stories of how they have been used to overcome obstacles and achieve success. Purchase on Amazon or learn more at www.leslieolmo.com.

More Scenes from the book "Who Made The Stars?"

Verdict: It's a Must Read!

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to help your little one explore the beauty of creation, Who Made the Stars? is a perfect addition to your shelves.

This adorable children’s book is a pleasure to read and provides a positive and reassuring message that kids love, all while using vibrant illustrations and rhythmic repetition to engage young readers.

And don't forget about the free coloring pages that can be downloaded right now!

Buy this book today and start your little one on the journey of discovering the beauty of creation!

I am wishing you all Sweet Dreams!

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