From their perfectly round faces to their super soft marshmallow-like texture, Squishmallows plush toys have become a huge hit with kids and adults alike.

But do you know who was the very first one ever made? And what year were Squishmallows made? And when were Squishmallows invented in the first place?

Meet Cam the Cat, who started it all! He's truly a unique creature – as courageous as he is lovable – and his story is sure to capture your heart.

Read on to learn all about the oldest Squishmallow and how he's changed so many lives since day one!

The first squishallow Cam the Cat

When Did the Squishmallow Craze Begin?

Everybody wants to know "how long have Squishmallows been around" and "when did the first Squishmallows come out?"

The first-ever Squishmallow, Cameron the Calico Cat, made his debut in 2017 created by the Kellytoy company, the inventor of Squishmallows!

In addition to his cute name and delightful personality, this first critter had seven friends - with seven unique personalities - to join him on his squishy journey!

These soft and huggable stuffed animals had a slow start, but went on to become super fan favorites during the pandemic.

The credit for the upward trend goes to the Tiktok Gen Z fans who had to stay at home in 2020.

It was a true social media phenomenon!

They began to share fun pics and videos of popular items in their growing collections. With their super soft filling and soft fabric and range of characters, it was only natural for everyone to be drawn into the Squishmallow craze!

Since then, these huggable plushies have been winning hearts with their irresistibly soft cuddles and sweet faces - it's no wonder so many people can't resist collecting them all!

For those of us old enough to remember, it's reminiscent of the Beanie Baby Craze! We think you'll absolutely love starting your own Squishmallow collection!

Where Was The First Squishmallow Sold?

Squishmallows are the perfect plush toy for anyone looking for something adorable and cuddly to cuddle up with.

Since they first made their debut in 2017 at Walgreens, they have become increasingly popular couch companions.

Co-founder and co-president of Kellytoy, Jonathan Kelly, stated that these plushies originally came in three sizes: 8 inches, 12 inches, and 16 inches.

Today, a Squishmallow stuffed animal plush toy can be found in almost every major retail chain store in the US and along with other third party sellers.

You can find Squishmallows Costco and Claire exclusives along with Walgreens, Hallmark Squishmallow favorites, and more!

They have won the hearts of many with their delightful faces and pleasant personalities with over 1000 uniquely named characters to choose from.

Whether you like Autumn black cat, dogs, fruit, dinosaurs, or a pink purple cow squishmallow, this is one toy you just can't go wrong with!

Tell Me More About Cam the Cat

For any Squishmallow collector, Cam the Cat will always have a special place in their hearts.

Many collectors remember how they felt opening their first-ever package and discovering what might possibly be their favorite Squishmallow of all time.

Cameron is the perfect kitty squishmallow name! After all, it was Cam the Cat that started it all!

With his adventure seeking personality spirit and Calico cat markings, he's one of the cutest plush toys around and the perfect addition to anyone's collection of Squishmallows.

As the years have gone by, more and more Squishmallows join the craze, but nothing quite compares to that feeling of finding your very own Cam the Cat!

Official Cam Facts!

Cam the Cat, or Cameron as he's known to his Squishmallow friends, has been a Squishmallows fan favorite ever since he was first released.

Cam has the honor of being listed as the first Squishmallow ever made by Collector Number with an official Squishmallows launched date of March 1, 2017, and he proudly serves as the main mascot of the beloved brand.

Although he may seem like a shy little cat, he loves to curl up with kids for hugs and cuddles while they explore their own wild and wonderful imaginations.

Cam is the cutest calico cat! He's so cuddly you just want to pick him up and give him a hug. He is easily recognizable with his cream body and contrasting patches of brown and black that draw your eye.

He has one brown patch over his right ear and two black patches, one on his left ear and the other on his lower left body, all surrounded by soft fur.

Cam's adorable little face with closed eyes, black whiskers and happy pink mouth makes it pretty hard to resist giving him lots of love. Cam is a one-of-a-kind feline that brightens up any room - who could resist such an amazing little fluff ball?

What A Personality!

Cameron loves taking on new challenges and he is always up for an adventure. Whether it's jumping in and out of boxes or building forts with his friends Hoot and Wendy, Cameron loves to stay active and explore!

He even brought along his skateboard the last time the crew headed for the beach.

On December 18th, he has his eye on something new - sailing! This spunky feline friend loves learning new hobbies so if you're looking for an adventurous cat companion, then Cameron is your guy!

How Many Cams Are There?

Oh my gosh, a gazillion? Well, there are sizes from 2" to 16" so far, but we can imagine we'll see more of him!

He's also been seen in a Santa hat, a giraffe costume, winking, and wearing headphones! At his 5th anniversary, he sported one tie-dye ear!

He's also been seen as a backpack, a Hug Mee, a Stackable, and a Cuddler.

We get the idea he loves his role as an ambassador for all things Squishmallow!

People often ask is Cam the Cat Squishmallow rare? That's a tough one to answer! There are so many editions of Cam that some will be considered rare, while others were produced and released in higher quantities.

Even those in greater numbers can be considered rare based on the time since release dates. So, it's pretty much an inexact science! You may search additional references that can assist you in estimating value for a particular Squishmallow.

Who Else Was In The Original Squishmallows Squad?

Squishmallow Squads have become "official" collections of similarly-themed characters.

There were eight original Squishmallows brand characters in the original Squishmallows squad available at Walgreens.

They were Cameron the Cat (we know that!,) Wendy the Frog, Piper and Puff the Penguins, Hans the Hedgehog, Hoot and Holly the owls, and Fifi the Fox.

You can just imagine the original cuteness! And new friends every day!

If you are a serious Squishmallow shopper, you can find a bear, cows, a fish Squishmallow, a clover Squishmallow, a Willy the Wolf Squishmallow, a birthday Squishmallow, and don't forget the Costco Squishmallow collection at a great price!

It's Never Too Late to Join the Craze!

The very first Squishmallow and friends were born of love and the Kellytoy company has continued to show us that they truly care about their consumers by creating certain features that are new, innovative, and adorable plush toys!

There's an unending supply of versatile Squishmallow plush based cuties including some with bunny ears, a blue beaver Squishmallow, and a blue donkey Squishmallow!

If you're looking for a way to get your hands on the newest Squishmallows, exclusive Squishmallows, or even the rarest Squishmallows, be sure to check out the articles on our website – we have all the latest and greatest right here waiting for you!

These cute characters make the best bedtime buddies, pillow pals, and travel teammates! They are perfect for collectors and make a great gift.

Squishmallows, with their soft texture and charming designs, have become a popular collectible item.

Certain designs are particularly sought after due to their rarity, which can stem from being a limited edition, special edition, or retired design.

Here are some of the most unique and rare Squishmallow character designs currently available on the market:

What are Some Rare Squishmallows?

Finding these rare Squishmallows can be a bit of a treasure hunt. Online platforms such as eBay often have listings for these collectibles, but prices can be high due to their rarity.

Occasionally, they may also be found in physical stores, though this is less common for the rarest designs.

Collectors should also keep an eye on the official Squishmallows website and social media groups for announcements about new releases and restocks.

Always remember to check the authenticity of the Squishmallow before purchasing, especially from online sources.

Rare genuine Squishmallows are labeled with a silver tag and have a maximum of 75,000 units each available worldwide. Other Squishmallows are considered to be rare because they super popular and are simply hard to find.

Be wary of counterfeits and ensure you're getting the real deal!

Please note that availability and pricing of these rare Squishmallows can vary greatly, and they may sell out quickly due to high demand.

Happy collecting!

Jack the Black Cat

As per the sources, Jack the Black Cat is considered the rarest Squishmallow ever created, with only 500 units made.

Jack features a sleek black design with two cute ears and a tail, making it a must-have for collectors. The most recent one I found for sale was listed for $3000!

Chanel the Cinnamon Roll

This Squishmallow is named after the designer perfume and is known for its unique design resembling a cinnamon roll. It's a special edition Squishmallow that's quite the subject of searching!

Lenora the Loon

One of the rarest plushies, Lenora the Loon, is exclusive to Canada. She is an aquatic bird with black wings, a grey body, and a white neck filled with vertical black stripes. This Squishmallow is known for its regional exclusivity and distinctive design.

Hans the Hedgehog

While not officially related to the iconic Hedgehog Star Wars character, this cute little hedgehog Squishmallow has gained popularity amongst fans and collectors.

There were only thirty total 24" Golden Hans squishmallows ever made! Hans 24" surpassed Jack the Black Cat and took the title as the rarest Squishmallow ever produced if you consider different sizes as separate Squishmallows.

Jazmanian Squishmallow

This unique squishie is indeed considered rare. It is a special Squishmallow plush toy that was created to celebrate Jazwares' 25th anniversary and was originally offered to employees.

This limited distribution makes Jazmanian one of the harder-to-find Squishmallows, adding to its rarity and desirability among collectors.

Keep in mind that due to its rarity, it may command higher prices in the marketplace.

Always ensure you're purchasing from a reputable source to avoid counterfeit products.

Even More Fun Squishies to Find!

From Squishville plush to a sweet snow leopard to a black cat to a Della Duck Squishmallow and many more, the Kelly Toys Company has you covered!

If you are a dedicated Squishmallow enthusiast, you will be able to find a clown Squishmallow, a cricket Squishmallow, a cassette player Squishmallow, Dash the Dumpling, and even Cortez Squishmallow!

And many, many more!

Cute Names for a Squishmallow

There are so many Squishmallows, and we can't include them all, but we have to put in a few more cute and funny stuffed animal names!

There's Josa the Squishmallow, a sea slug of all things! And everyone loves the Fox Lexi. Brina Bigfoot Squishmallow is one of my personal faves!

Did you know that there are 4 different cuties with a pancake Squishmallow name? Rayen, Sawtelle, Hermine, and Paden!

It's Time to Up Your Game

Like everyone (well almost everyone!), I love a good stuffed toy.

I love a good teddy bear and I have a favorite flying pig! I would never recommend you stop enjoying your traditional soft and cuddly friends!

However, joining the Squishmallow craze is a lot of fun - there are so many fun personalities!

You might want to start here and see if you can find the super cute Cam!

Top 17 Squishmallow Backpack Cuties (#4 is Our Favorite!)
We have to be honest; #4 is our favorite Squishmallow backpack - along with the other 16 squishy choices! It turns out, we couldn’t pick just one!

Let's face it -  everyone needs a sweet, squishy, comfy, cuddly hug!

Wishing you crazy hugs!

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