Forget Tabby Tuesday!

Are you scratching your head, pondering over 'What is the name of the Day of the Dead Cat Squishmallow?'

Well, let me put an end to your curiosity. Drumroll, please!

Wait...Ok! The truth is that it's kind of a trick question, because there are now two adorable, festive feline friends in the Day of the Dead Squad!

The Short Answer

In 2021, "Zelina" was the first cat to be a member of the Day of the Dead Squad, so you will often see this sugar skull feline given the only accolades!

In 2022, along with a new edition of Zelina, "Jana" debuted her own sugar skull style in the beloved Day of the Dead Squad!

Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls and Squishmallows

But wait, don't hurry off to add these delightful Squishmallows to your collection just yet.

We've got a lot more to share about their backstories, and why they've become a sought-after members of the Day of the Dead family.

Whether you're a Dia de los Muertos Squishmallow enthusiast, a parent seeking unique, comforting companions for your little ones, or a collector with an eye for the special, this article will be your guide to knowing these sweet cuddly cats better!

Get ready to dive into the colorful world of Day of the Dead black cat Squishmallows, where every huggable creature has a story waiting to be told.

From Zelina's vibrant design that honors the Day of the Dead tradition, to the cultural significance behind Jana's creation, we'll explore it all.

What is the Day of the Dead?

The Day of the Dead, or "Día de los Muertos," is a vibrant and deeply rooted tradition celebrated in Mexico and around the world.

It's an occasion to honor and remember those who have passed away, not with sorrow, but with joy and celebration.

If you're a history buff or just want to know more, this is a great site with more detail, photos of ancient relics, and just about anything you'd like to know!

Mexico’s Day of the Dead - Google Arts & Culture
If you’ve never experienced this Mexican festival, you’re in for a treat. Take this tour to discover the history and traditions of the annual holiday.

Day of the Dead Origins: Ancient Roots

The Day of the Dead has profound indigenous and Mesoamerican origins.

The Aztecs viewed death as a natural part of life, and during this time, they believed the spirits of departed loved ones would return to visit their families.

It emerged in Latin America from Aztec practices and rituals that paid homage to Mictecacihuatl, the revered goddess of the Dead.

Day of the Dead Mictecacihuatl

Honoring Ancestors

At the core of Día de los Muertos lies the belief that the spirits of the departed come back to reunite with their families.

This Mexican holiday serves as a time for reconnecting with ancestors, sharing cherished stories and memories, and ensuring their spirits are nurtured on their journey.

Rather than a sad or somber occasion, Día de los Muertos is a vibrant celebration about the meaning of life itself.

It offers a profound and beautiful way to remember and to honor those who have passed away, while embracing the cycle of life and death as an integral part of our collective human experience.

Honoring Ancestors on Dia de Los Muertos

Celebrating Life and Death

While Halloween often revolves around spooky and frightening elements, the Day of the Dead celebration centers on celebrating life and commemorating those who have departed.

Día de Muertos spans two days: November 1st, known as All Saints' Day, and November 2nd, known as All Souls' Day.

Special Edition Squishmallows: Day of the Dead Squad

In line with this culturally rich tradition, Squishmallows has launched a special edition squad - The Day of the Dead Squad.

With new editions and characters added each year, these plush toys are not just cuddly companions, they're also a tribute to a beautiful cultural tradition.

Bearing the signature squishiness and cute faces, these Squishmallows come adorned in colorful and intricate Day of the Dead designs.

The Squishmallows team has transformed their classic characters into festive Día de Muertos themed squishes over the last few years. Each Squishmallow makes a great addition to your festivities and is sure to bring a special sparkle to the fun!

Meet Zelina, First Cat in the Day of the Dead Squad

Zelina the Cat Squishmallow, Day of the Dead

Introducing Zelina, the black and white Cat Squishmallow from the Day of the Dead Squad!

Zelina is not your average plushie. She's a celebration of Día de Los Muertos, one of her favorite days of the year.

Besides indulging in yummy food and donning spectacular makeup, it's a special time for her to remember and celebrate the lives of family members who've passed on.

This year, she's adding a candle for her mom, inviting us all to learn more about this poignant tradition.

With her intricate sugar-skull makeup embroidery, white ribs, and yellow inner ears, Zelina is a feast for the eyes.

Her body is adorned with vibrant floral and dot patterns, making her a stand-out piece for any collection.

So why should you invite Zelina into your home?

Well, she's not just a soft and squishy companion, she's a cute cultural ambassador in the softest plush who reminds us to take a look back at those we love!

With Zelina the Cat Day of the Dead Squishmallow, you're not just celebrating Día de Los Muertos, you're embracing it with open arms.

Who could say no to a hug from a Squishmallow?

Get to Know Jana, Second Cat in the Day of the Dead Squad

Jana Squishmallow Day of the Dead Squad

Next up is Jana, the second cat in the squad.

She's just as charming, but you've got to be a true Squish Lover to tell them apart.

At first glance, they look alike! Jana's design features a blend of colors and patterns that truly capture the essence of the Day of the Dead.

Jana, like Zelina, is more than just a cat squishmallow. She's a symbol of love and respect for those who have passed on.

This cute girl has a white face adorned in blue and purple sugar skull makeup, complete with a pink flower on her forehead! She embodies the vibrant spirit of the Day of the Dead.

Her blue inner ears are a delightful contrast to her black silhouette, while a silver spine and ribs on her belly flaunt a purple flower with vines, adding an artistic twist to her design.

The purple floral designs around her closed, happy eyes and the black whiskers, nose, and curved mouth all contribute to her charmingly joyful expression.

Jana's not just about looks though; she's here to teach you about her family's traditions, from the vigils and colorful face painting to sharing stories and feasting on pan de Muerto.

So why should you add this collectible to your collection?

Well, because celebrating the Day of the Dead without a cat Squishmallow like Jana is like having pan de Muerto without the sugar on top - it's just not as sweet!

Are There More Day of the Dead Squishmallows?

Yes, there are! The Day of the Dead Squad is not limited to cats.

There are other Squishmallows in the collection that also embody the spirit of this special day, each with their own unique twist.

Check out some more of these unique Squishies!

22 Day of the Dead Squishmallow Reviews! (6 New in 2023!)
Frightfully cute Day of the Dead Squishmallows are ready to crash your Dia de los Muertos fiestas! We love these intricate designs and fun colors!

Apart from Zelina and Jana, there are more popular Squishmallow cats worth checking out. Each has its own personality and design which make them all the more lovable.

These cuties are from the Valentine Squad, the Halloween Squad, the Tie Dye Squad, the Fruit Squad, the Alice in Wonderland Squad, the Spring Headband Squad and so many more!

Squishmallow Cats

You can see lots more sweet Squish Cats on the Fandom Website - a treasure trove of Squishmallow characters!

Special Themed Squishmallows: See More Collections

Apart from the Day of the Dead Squad, Squishmallows also offers other special themed collections. Whether it's for Christmas, Easter, or Halloween, there's a Squishmallow to suit every occasion.

Squishmallows - FeedbackFinds
In addition to their special marshmallow-like texture and filling, Squishmallows are squishy toys that come in just the right size for any occasion. Plus, each one has it’s own unique name and personality complete with a “Bio” and is sure to provide warm cuddly fun! These huggable plushies continue…

The world of Squishmallows is vast and varied. From cats to unicorns to dragons, there's a Squishmallow for everyone. These plush toys are loved for their super-soft texture, adorable designs, and the comfort they provide.

Head on over to our Squishmallow Category to see our full collection of Squishmallow articles!

Gift-Giving: The Appeal of Squishmallows

Squishmallows are a fantastically great gift for kids of all ages!

They're soft, cuddly, and come in a variety of designs and sizes.

But what sets them apart is their ability to connect with people on a deeper level - they're more than just toys, they're companions that bring comfort and joy.

They are great cuddle companions for long car rides!

Each has a unique personality encouraging fun and imaginative play.

So whether it's for a birthday, a holiday, or just because, consider giving a Squishmallow.

It's a gift that keeps on squishing!

Calling All Cat Lovers!

The appeal of Squishmallows lies in their softness, their unique characters, and their engaging stories.

These festive and fun cat Squishmallows are a testament to this, embodying a unique charm that sets them apart.

So, the next time someone asks, "What is the name of the Day of the Dead cat Squishmallow?" you'll have more than enough to talk someone's ear off!

You'll be able to share that Zelina and Jana are just two of the unique characters from the that bring and a whole lot of love into Day of the Dead celebrations!

It's Meow or Never! Enjoy this fun holiday!

Maggie, Senior Blog Author
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First and foremost, make sure that you are looking at officially licensed squishmallows merchandise. You can check the tags to make sure you've got a true KellyToy Squish.

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Be sure to check and review several sources for details to ensure you are getting the best offer!

Embark on your quest for these one-of-a-kind and delightful Squishmallows today, and get ready for a festive season!

What is All Saint's Day?

"The earliest observance of All Saints Day goes back to the early fourth century. Pope Boniface IV began the tradition when he consecrated the Pantheon in Rome to the Virgin Mary and all martyrs of the faith. Pope Gregory III (who reigned from 731 to 741 AD) continued with the tradition by dedicating a chapel in the Basilica of St. Peter to all saints. He established the official date of November 1st. In 837 Pope Gregory IV extended All Saints Day to the entire church, not just in Rome. He ordered Catholics in all regions to observe the day each year on November 1st."

Continue reading:

What is All Soul's Day?

"Every year on November 2nd, All Souls Day commemorates baptized Christians who are believed to be in purgatory. The day is also known as the Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed."

Continue reading:

How to Clean, Store, and Protect Your Squishmallows

Hey there, Squishmallow fans! Maintaining your cuddly collectibles in top-notch condition is a must, especially if you're keen on keeping up their rarity value.

The big question - can they survive washing or drying machines?

The answer is...not really. Even though some people say they do just fine, it's best to play it safe. Your Squishmallows and their tags prefer staying away from the wash.

Instead, treat your squishy pals to a gentle sponge bath with mild soap and warm water. Dab away any dirt gently - no vigorous scrubbing, please!

After their bath, let them air dry naturally. A fan can help speed things up.

Now, life happens and sometimes your Squishmallow might meet with a chocolate bar or milk spill accident.

In these cases, a gentle machine wash may be needed but avoid the dryer at all costs.

If your Squishmallow has special decorations or attachments, stick to hand washing and air drying only.

Remember, after cleaning, store your Squishmallows in a clean, dry place to keep them looking their best.

This will ensure they stay a beloved part of your collection for many years to come. Happy Squishmallow caring!

Why do you recommend Amazon to buy your Squishmallows?

When customers purchase these stuffed animals and toys from an Amazon seller store website or private sellers, they'll have the best opportunity for easy checkout and speedy delivery! You'll most likely save money on shipping and be able to track when your items are shipped. The cost to ship may be fully covered by Amazon Prime for members regardless the package weight. You can also contact Amazon support by phone or chat for help and to make a request or comment. They will accept returns and address an error and other concerns if needed. Plus you'll save time and frustration with quick access to your favorites by shopping through your online browser on your device instead of trekking through the mall or specialty business, including drugstores like Walgreens, and ads where you can't confirm availability without visiting the store. When clicking through to get more product information, you will also see related and additional suggested products and similar items on the same page link. Inventory and item stock will vary by sites that sell privately. It's also a great opportunity to search all kinds of categories, apply filters and settings, confirm details, view satisfied customer comments, and videos for the perfect match based on your interests and preferences!