Ever wondered, "What is the name of the coffin Squishmallow?"

Well, we have a spooky, yet cuddly answer for you!

Meet Alva, the adorable coffin-shaped Squishmallow who has been captivating hearts since her squishdate on January 25th, 2022.

A proud member of the 2022 Halloween Squad, Alva is more than just an ordinary plush toy.

She's a delightfully spooky and irresistibly squishy character from the Squishmallow universe.


What is the Name of the Coffin Squishmallow?

Continue reading to explore more about the mesmerizing realm that lies ahead - where every Squishmallow character has its own unique charm and story!

Whether you're a Squishmallow enthusiast, a parent looking for the perfect gift, or a collector seeking the next addition to your collection, come along and let Alva lead the way to a world full of squishy surprises!

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Alva's Amusing Adventures and Experiences
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Alva's Unique Features and Appearance

Alva's Unique Features and Appearance

Alva, the coffin Squishmallow, stands out among her peers. She's not your typical cute and cuddly character, but she's equally endearing.

Designed as a coffin, Alva embodies the spirit of Halloween with her mysterious and spooky persona.

Her body mirrors the shape of a classic coffin, artistically crafted with soft plush material.

The color scheme is a mix of dark and light shades, giving Alva an eerie yet appealing look.

Her eyes are embroidered with precision, reflecting an intriguing blend of mystery and charm.

This grey Squishmallow with her dark grey complexion and coffin-like shape are adorned with a skull and two crossed bones.

While this might seem a bit eerie at first glance, don't let her exterior fool you.

She is as soft as a marshmallow and filled with fluffy love. And, oh boy, does she have some stories to tell!

Alva's Amusing Adventures and Experiences

Alva's Amusing Adventures and Experiences

Alva is much more than just a plush toy. She's a character with her own story and adventures.

Here she is with her best friend Felice the Tombstone - they're so close they teamed up for Flipamallows!

Being a coffin Squishmallow, Alva has a unique perspective on life and death, often engaging in profound conversations with her fellow Squishmallows about the cycle of life.

Despite her spooky exterior, Alva has a heart full of love and kindness.

She's a friend to all and does not shy away from lending a helping hand.

Her adventures take her to fascinating places, from haunted houses to pumpkin patches, making every day a new and exciting journey.

From finding the end of a rainbow to discovering a secret treasure map, and even spotting a ghost in her bathtub on Halloween, Alva's adventures are nothing short of extraordinary.

More Spooky 2022 Squad Characters

Alva is part of the 2022 Halloween Squad of Squishmallows, a special lineup that is updated and released every year to celebrate the spooky season.

This squad features a variety of characters, each with their unique Halloween-inspired designs.

From witches and ghosts to pumpkins and coffins, this squad encapsulates the essence of Halloween.

The 2022 Halloween Squad of Squishmallows introduced a delightfully spooky range of characters, each bringing their unique charm to the mix.

Each of these characters, with their distinct personalities and intriguing appearances, contributed to making the 2022 Halloween Squad a hit among Squishmallow enthusiasts and collectors.

Take a look at three of our favorites!

More Spooky 2022 Squad Characters: Felize, Joldy, and Johanna

Felize the Ghost!
(Not to be confused with Felice the Tombstone!)

Say hello to Alva's ghoulishly adorable buddy, Felize the Ghost!

She's no ordinary specter, but a cuddly white Squishmallow and a proud member of the 2022 Halloween Squad.

Now here's the spooky scoop on Felize!

Every October, she throws the most spook-tacular caramel apple-making party you could ever imagine!

Marshmallow critters from every corner come decked out in their scariest outfits.

They bring apples, while Felize, ever the gracious ghost, provides all the ooey-gooey caramel and mouthwatering candy toppings.

Sounds like a frightfully good time, right? Well, guess what? This year, Felize is dying for you to join the fun!

But, what does our spectral sweetheart look like, you ask?

Well, Felize is a radiant white ghost, sporting an enchanting orange and purple witch hat that's cinched with a golden belt.

And get this - she has the word "BOO!" playfully scribbled on her belly, surrounded by an orange outline and filled with purple.

Her eyes are closed in eternal mirth, and her smile is as red as a candy apple.

Isn't she just too cute to spook?

Joldy the Bat!

Introducing Alva's super cute, batty buddy, Joldy!

She's not just any flying furball, but a vibrant purple Squishmallow who proudly flaps her wings as a member of the 2022 Halloween Squad.

Let's dive into the batty backstory of Joldy!

She's a real prank-playing pixie who adores giving her friends a good scare.

Can you believe she's been known to hide for a whopping two hours, waiting for the perfect moment to pop out and spook her pals?

So keep your peepers peeled, because with Joldy, you never know when the next spine-chilling surprise is coming!

Now, what does our mischievous little bat look like?

Well, Joldy is a shade of lavender purple that would make a twilight sky jealous.

Her ears stand tall and proud, shimmering in a silvery hue from the inside.

Her wings and belly are as dark as a moonless night, and she sports a cheeky wink, with short, curled lashes that add to her playful charm.

Her smile is as red as a ripe cherry, and those two pointed white fangs of hers - they're the perfect accessory for her prankster persona! Isn't she just a scream?

Johanna the Witches' Brew!

Say hello to Alva's delightful, soup-slinging Squishmallow, Johanna the Witches' Brew!

She's a member of the 2022 Halloween Squad and she's here to stir up some fun!

Johanna is a real autumn aficionado, you know!

As soon as the air gets that nippy bite and the leaves start putting on their annual color show, she's all smiles.

That's because it's harvest time for all her favorite fall veggies, and you know what that means - soup season!

Now, I have a special place in my heart for Johanna! I love to make soup and I make some every Thanksgiving, requiring my guests to try it whether they want to or not!

Johanna whips up the most comforting broths that keep her and her buddies snug and satisfied on those chilly autumn evenings.

So come on over, grab a bowl, and join the cozy culinary celebration!

Now, let's paint a picture of our soup-loving Squishmallow.

Johanna is a charming grey cauldron with a light grey rim circling her top.

Inside her, a magical, bubbly green concoction is brewing, complete with a black bat wing and a trusty wooden ladle peeking out.

Dancing around her base are orange flames with yellow tips, giving her a warm, inviting glow.

Her round, black eyes twinkle with short lashes, while her smiling mouth and pink blush add to her irresistible charm. Isn't she just a cauldron full of joy?

And that's just three fun favorites - there are so, so many more!

I wish we had space for all of them. You'll have to stay tuned for more articles to see more great Squish!

Day of the Dead Squishmallows

You might enjoy reading a very brief history about these holidays!

Halloween and Day of the Dead are two separate holidays!

However, they are celebrated back-to-back on the calendar, and they both have some relationship to ghosts, so many assume that they are the same holiday with different names.

22 Day of the Dead Squishmallow Reviews! (6 New in 2023!)
Frightfully cute Day of the Dead Squishmallows are ready to crash your Dia de los Muertos fiestas! We love these intricate designs and fun colors!

The World of Squishmallows: Overview and Significance

The world of Squishmallows is a magical place filled with adorable, squishy characters.

Each super cute Squishmallow has its own personality and story, bringing a unique charm to the collection.

From everyday characters like cats and dogs to unique ones like Alva the coffin, Squishmallows offer something for everyone.

So, since when have Squishmallows been a thing?

The origin story of these cuddly creatures traces back to 2017 with the introduction of the very first Squishmallow, Cameron the Calico Cat, a delightful creation by Kellytoy, the masterminds behind Squishmallows.

cameron the cat, first squishmallow

Cameron, with his charming name and endearing character, wasn't alone in his squishy adventures.

He was joined by seven equally unique and adorable companions!

Initially, these plush pals saw moderate success, but their popularity skyrocketed during the pandemic, becoming an absolute sensation among fans.

The surge in their popularity is largely attributed to the Gen Z TikTok enthusiasts who were homebound during 2020. They turned these plush toys into a social media frenzy!

Sharing pictures and videos of their ever-growing Squishmallow collections became a trend.

It's no surprise that the super soft feel, cute characters, and the variety they offer made everyone fall for the Squishmallow mania!

Ever since, these plush toys have been capturing hearts with their ultra-soft hugs and lovable expressions.

Their allure is so irresistible that many can't stop at just one and aspire to collect them all!

For those who've seen the Beanie Baby fever, the Squishmallow hype feels quite familiar.

We're sure you'll thoroughly enjoy kickstarting your own Squishmallow collection!

Why Squishmallows Make the Perfect Gift

The World of Squishmallows

Squishmallows, including our dear Alva, make perfect gifts.

Their soft, squishy nature makes them great cuddle buddies, and their unique personalities bring a sense of companionship.

Whether it's for a birthday, Halloween, or just because, a Squishmallow is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face.

Squishmallows have become a beloved toy among kids of all age groups, including adults.

They are made from their iconic marshmallowy-like, soft spandex polyester stuffing and make a unique gift to show your appreciation on any occasion!

For very young Squishmallow lovers, always opt for ones without small adornments and other decorative pieces that could cause choking or other hazards.

Double-check the Squishmallow tag for age suggestions. Most will say they are safe from ages zero and up.

Insights into Squishmallow Collecting

Collecting Squishmallows can be a fun and rewarding hobby. With so many characters to choose from, each collection is unique.

Adding Alva, the coffin Squishmallow, to your collection could be an exciting way to celebrate Halloween or embrace your love for all things spooky.

Learn more about Squishmallow collecting by reading our article about finding Day of the Dead Squishmallows. Using these tips and tricks will help you begin and expand an amazing collection!

The bottom line? You won't be content to collect just one!

The Charm and Appeal of Squishmallows

Why Squishmallows Make the Perfect Gift

The appeal of Squishmallows lies in their softness, their unique characters, and their engaging stories.

Alva, the coffin Squishmallow, is a testament to this, embodying a unique charm that sets her apart.

So, the next time someone asks, "What is the name of the coffin Squishmallow?" you'll know it's Alva!

You'll be able to share that she is just one of the unique characters from the Halloween squad that brings a touch of spookiness and a whole lot of love into the world of Squishmallows!

Here's to your spooky celebrations!

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Just a few of our FAQs to bring you the best Halloween Squish experience possible!

Where can I find exclusive Halloween Squishmallows?

When it comes to the Squishmallow hunt, the tips and tricks remain consistent!

Discover more in our article on finding Day of the Dead Squishmallows.

The fundamentals always apply. Exclusive Squishmallows are only available through specific distribution channels when they are first released, so it's wise to subscribe to alerts and newsletters from online and retail stores.

Start shopping for these unique and delightful Squishmallows today, and prepare for a spooktacular season!

What is a Flip-A-Mallow type of Squishmallow?

Flip-A-Mallow Squishmallows were first released in 2020 and are a line of the cutest plush toys around made from super soft marshmallow-like polyester fabric.

They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, and feature a unique flip design that lets you flip the Squishmallow inside out to reveal two different characters.

They are perfect for cuddling, playing, and collecting.

What materials are used to make Squishmallows?

Squishmallows are made of a marshmallow-like material and packed with an ultra-soft stuffing crafted from 100% recycled polyester fibers. These special technologies give them their distinctive, cuddly texture-- one that's both cozy and squishy to the touch!

Most plush creators use other technologies or similar technologies, but simply cannot reproduce the iconic Squishmallow, super soft, and cuddly squishiness! No way - not even close!

How to Clean, Store, and Protect Your Squishmallows

Hey there, Squishmallow fans! Maintaining your cuddly collectibles in top-notch condition is a must, especially if you're keen on keeping up their rarity value.

The big question - can they survive washing or drying machines?

The answer is...not really. Even though some people say they do just fine, it's best to play it safe. Your Squishmallows and their tags prefer staying away from the wash.

Instead, treat your squishy pals to a gentle sponge bath with mild soap and warm water. Dab away any dirt gently - no vigorous scrubbing, please!

After their bath, let them air dry naturally. A fan can help speed things up.

Now, life happens and sometimes your Squishmallow might meet with a chocolate bar or milk spill accident.

In these cases, a gentle machine wash may be needed but avoid the dryer at all costs.

If your Squishmallow has special decorations or attachments, stick to hand washing and air drying only.

Remember, after cleaning, store your Squishmallows in a clean, dry place to keep them looking their best.

This will ensure they stay a beloved part of your collection for many years to come. Happy Squishmallow caring!

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When customers shop and purchase these stuffed animals and toys from an Amazon seller store website or private sellers, they'll have the best opportunity for easy checkout and speedy delivery! You'll most likely save money on shipping and be able to track when your items are shipped. The cost to ship may be fully covered by Amazon Prime for members regardless the package weight. You can also contact Amazon support by phone or chat for help and to make a request or comment. They will accept returns and address an error and other concerns if needed. Plus you'll save time and frustration with quick access to your favorites by shopping through your online browser on your device instead of trekking through the mall or specialty business, including drugstores like Walgreens, and ads where you can't confirm availability without visiting the store. When clicking through to get more product information, you will also see related and additional suggested products and similar items on the same page link. Inventory and item stock found will vary by sites that sell privately. It's also a great opportunity to search all kinds of categories, apply filters and settings, confirm details, view satisfied customer comments, and videos for the perfect match based on your interests and preferences!