Have you ever wondered, "What is the name of the Squishmallow in Day of the Dead?"

Well, you're not alone. This seemingly simple question has puzzled many Squishmallow enthusiasts, gift givers, and collectors alike.

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The Origins of Day of the Dead Squishmallows: An Overview
The Birth of Day of the Dead Squishmallows

In this article, we delve into the colorful and cozy world of the Day of the Dead Squishmallow Squad, revealing the names and fascinating details behind these loved plushies - because, yes, there's way more than one! Plot twist!

From Zelina the black cat to Phylo the dragon, these sugar skull-inspired designs have stolen hearts and sparked curiosity around the globe.

But why stop at just knowing their names? There's so much more to these squishy Dia de los Muertos companions than meets the eye.

Each Squishmallow comes with its unique storyline, adding an extra layer of charm to these loveable buddies.

You'll love meeting all of our spooky sweet favorites in our article showcasing 22 Day of the Dead Squishmallows!

We're here to answer your burning question and also give you a deeper understanding of why these Squishmallows are the perfect blend of tradition and cuteness.

So, whether you're a seasoned collector, a doting parent looking for the perfect gift, or a newbie who's just discovered the magic of Squishmallows, prepare for an exciting journey into the heart of the Day of the Dead Squishmallow phenomenon.

Let's embark on this squish-tastic adventure together!"

The Origins of Day of the Dead Squishmallows: An Overview

Day of the Dead Celebrations and Squishmallows (Dia de los Muertos)

When it comes to the question, "What is a Day of the Dead Squishmallow?" the answer may surprise you.

The Day of the Dead, or "Día de los Muertos," is a Mexican holiday that celebrates the lives of the departed.

It's a vibrant celebration filled with colorful decorations, delicious food, and heartfelt remembrances.

Now, imagine this rich tradition encapsulated in cuddly, soft toys. That's exactly what the creators of Squishmallows did.

The Birth of Day of the Dead Squishmallows

sugar skull squishmallows for Dia de los Muertos

The idea of Day of the Dead Squishmallow was born out of a desire to fuse the fun and comfort of Squishmallows with the cultural significance of Día de los Muertos.

The result? An adorable line of plush toys that not only bring joy but also educate and raise awareness about this important tradition.

The first Day of the Dead Squishmallow is from 2020 and she is a sugar skull named Delfina!

Her design, like all Day of the Dead Squishmallows, is inspired by the sugar skulls, or "calacas," used in traditional celebrations.

The Significance of Delfina

Delfina the Sugar Skull Editions Dia de los Muertos

Delfina is more than just a cute toy. She's a representation of the resilient spirits of the departed during Día de los Muertos.

And lucky for us, she set in motion a whole new Squishmallow collection that continues year after year where these Squish plush toys are happy to be added!

She's also been created in a Mexico Squad edition and Day of the Dead 2021 and 2022 editions.

Her vibrant colors and intricate patterns are a nod to the rich iconography of the Day of the Dead.

Every detail, from her floral designs to her bright hues, has been carefully thought out, making her a true embodiment of the holiday's essence.

So, when someone asks, "What is the name of the Squishmallow in Day of the Dead?" my answer is that Delfina was the first!

But she's not the only one and she's not just a Squishmallow; she's a story, a tradition, and a celebration rolled into one adorable, squishy package.

Understanding the Day of the Dead Tradition and its Influence on Squishmallow Designs

To truly appreciate the names and designs of these unique Squishmallows, we must first dive into the vibrant Dia de los Muertos tradition that inspired them.

The Day of the Dead: A Celebration of Life

The Day of the Dead: A Celebration of Life

Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a Mexican holiday that celebrates life and death.

It's a time when families gather to honor their loved ones who have passed away.

This tradition, which spans over two days - November 1st and 2nd, is filled with vibrant colors, beautiful altars, and intricate sugar skulls, which serve as inspiration for the Day of the Dead Squishmallows.

How the Tradition Influences Squishmallow Designs

The creators of Squishmallows took this rich cultural tradition and infused it into their plush toys.

Each Squishmallow in the Day of the Dead collection is inspired by an aspect of the holiday.

The Impact of the Tradition on Squishmallow Popularity

How the Tradition Influences Squishmallow Designs

The Day of the Dead Squishmallows are more than just cute, squishy toys. They're a celebration of a revered tradition.

This fusion of culture and comfort has made them incredibly popular among both collectors and those who simply love a good cuddle buddy.

These cute Squishmallows are more than just a name! They're a piece of a rich cultural tradition, beautifully designed and packaged in a lovable, huggable form.

Character Profiles: Meet a Few Day of the Dead Squishmallows!

Let's meet some of these cute, huggable pieces of art right now!

Now keep in mind that they don't usually speak Spanish, but then again, they don't usually speak English either! At least not when we're looking!

You can meet these sweet fan favorites and more in our article with some favorites available online!

Zelina: The Cat

Zelina: The Day of the Dead Cat

Zelina is a black cat whose design represents a sugar skull. Zelina's detailed face and vibrant colors make her a standout in the Squishmallow squad.

She's a favorite among collectors and those who appreciate the artistry behind Day of the Dead traditions.

Zelina is a unique name with Greek origins, meaning "wisdom." Her designs, inspired by sugar skull artistry, add a layer of cultural wisdom to her character.

Beyond her design, her story is one of wisdom and mystery, much like the cats we know and love in our everyday lives!

Like all Squishmallows, she's got quite the personality!

What does she love most about this celebratory occasion?

The delectable meals, the skillfully done makeup, and above all, the tender recollections of departed family members.

This year, Zelina plans to incorporate a unique element in her homage - a dedicated candle for her mother.

Phylo: The Dragon

Phylo: The Dragon

Don't be fooled by Phylo's fierce dragon exterior.

This Squishmallow is as soft and cuddly and cute as a button! With his unique Day of the Dead-inspired design, Phylo adds a touch of whimsy to the collection.

Phylo has a name with Greek roots that translates to "love." It's a fitting name for a Squishmallow that brings so much joy to its owners.

Fans adore him for his softness and his unique storyline, which encapsulates the love and respect embodied in Día de los Muertos celebrations!

This cute, cuddly dragon isn't just a soft, huggable buddy, but also has a keen eye for art.

He spends endless hours in his creative sanctuary, crafting dreams into tangible forms with his abstract designs and sceneries.

His fondness for bold hues and textures is as evident as the plush material of this endearing Squishmallow.

But don't be misled by his artistic persona; Phylo knows how to have fun.

When he's not engrossed in his artwork, he's cutting a rug on the dance floor or savoring scrumptious takeaways.

What better way to honor the Day of the Dead than with a plush dragon who can color your world full of love and still jive to life's rhythm!

Siobhan: The Axolotl

Siobhan: The Axolotl Dia de los Muertos

Siobhan the Axolotl is another beloved member of the Squishmallows Dia de los Muertos Squad.

His design captures the essence of the holiday while showcasing the cuteness of the axolotl, a creature native to Mexico.

Siobhan, an axolotl Squishmallow, boasts a unique Irish name that means "God is gracious."

It's a beautiful sentiment that aligns with the grace and beauty of Dia de los Muertos celebrations.

You'll want to meet this delightful persona with a story to share!

There was a time when Siobhan trembled at the mere thought of water, but now, he indulges in late-night aquatic frolics with his buddies.

What does he love the most? The mesmerizing spectacle of starlight dancing on the water's surface, casting an enchanting glow that's nothing short of magical.

This Squishmallow isn't just a cuddly toy, it's a comrade with a past, a friend who has conquered phobias and now cherishes what he once dreaded.

It's not common to encounter an axolotl who has turned apprehension into a passionate romance with waters bathed in celestial light!

He's a reminder to embrace life with passion and strength!

Marcita: A Unique Addition

Marcita: A Unique Dia de los Muertos Squishmallow

Marcita is another popular Squishmallow in the Day of the Dead collection.

Like her fellow squad members, her design is influenced by traditional sugar skull artistry. Each detail on Marcita is a thoughtfully crafted representation of love, respect, and celebration, adding to her charm.

Marcita also has a storyline as unique as her design.

Marcita is your gastronomic guide in Squishmallow form! She's a burst of color and fun, as lively as the confetti thrown at a party.

Yet, what makes her truly unique is her unwavering dedication to the culinary arts.

Marcita's an early bird, not for chirping with feathered friends, but to prepare breakfast items to create a sumptuous spread that would make even the most particular 'Mallow salivate.

From delectable tamales to delicious pan de muerto, her cooking prowess is as soft and inviting as her cuddly exterior.

As the Day of the Dead draws near, there's no better Squish character to join your festivities than Marcita.

It's simple; who wouldn't want their Day of the Dead to be brimming with giggles, affection, flair, and above all, mouth-watering food?

Maybe we can get her to save us some sugar skull cookies!

Ronnie: An Unexpected Favorite

Ronnie: An Unexpected Favorite Squishmallow

Did we save the best for last? Well, no because these Squishmallows are all the best!

Ronnie the Cow has caught the attention of many fans. While not as widely known as the others, Ronnie's unique design has made him a surprise favorite among the Day of the Dead Squad.

Ronnie is party ready and decked out in a splendid sugar skull face complete with a spider that's woven intricate webs right on his body!

Ronnie is not your everyday fluffy sidekick; he's a master of the craft, an unparalleled creator of birdhouses!

Just a week ago, this Squishmallow put together a captivating two-tier lavender birdhouse decorated with delightful green shades, all under the watchful eye of his sister, Belana.

Collaboratively, they add color to each birdhouse, ensuring every avian occupant feels warmly welcomed.

We think you'd also like his friend Catrina the Highland Cow!

Now, here's the twist - why should this adorable bovine snag a spot in your collection?

Well, beyond his irresistible charm and intriguing backstory, Ronnie infuses your Day of the Dead festivities with an array of colors and a sprinkle of fanciful flair.

Embrace the Joy of Collecting: Unearthing the Day of the Dead Squishmallow

If you're a fan of Squishmallows or all plush toys, starting a Day of the Dead collection is a great idea These adorable and super-soft toys have taken the world by storm!

Spotting a Day of the Dead Squishmallow

Spotting a Day of the Dead Squishmallow

Identifying a Day of the Dead Squishmallow isn't too difficult if you know what to look for.

Now that you've seen a few, the key is in their distinctive design elements.

It's easy to get them mixed up, but in the end a cute Squishmallow is a cute Squishmallow!

As mentioned earlier, these Squishmallows are inspired by the sugar skull face paint/makeup often seen during the Mexican holiday.

This means that they are adorned with vibrant colors, floral patterns, and intricate designs that mimic the look of sugar skulls.

You can find Day of the Dead Squishmallows in various sizes and so many fun characters.

Where to Find Day of the Dead Squishmallows?

Where to Find Day of the Dead Squishmallows

Squishmallows can be found in various online and physical stores.

Some of the most popular online platforms to purchase them include Amazon and Walmart, where you'll often find a wide range of designs and sizes.

In many online stores and even an app, you can save each and every Squish to your wish lists!

When you find a favorite location, save it and remember to add it to your regular shopping routine!

And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter updates! You'll be the first to know when we've added some new Squish faves!

Learn more from our handy shopping guide!

A Few Squishmallow FAQs

These are just a few of the most frequently asked questions about Squishmallows!

It's almost possible that you are new to the world of Squishmallows, but it could happen! It can be pretty impossible to choose a favorite when all the options are beyond cute!

Check these out as well as the information in the many other Squishmallow articles on our blog!

What age ranges like Squishmallows?

Squishmallows have become an international phenomenon and beloved toys among kids of all age groups, including adults. Dia de los Muertos Squishmallows are no exception! They are made from soft spandex polyester stuffing and make a great gift to show your appreciation on any occasion! As stuffed animals go, you'll love these versatile Squishmallows - there's a Squish for everyone!

Are Squishmallows safe for small children?

For very young Squishmallow lovers, always opt for ones without small adornments and other decorative pieces that could cause choking or other hazards. Double-check each Squishmallows tag for age suggestions. Most will say they are safe from ages zero and up.

What materials are used to make Squishmallows?

Squishmallows are official Kellytoy plush and are made of a marshmallow-like material and packed with an ultra-soft stuffing crafted from 100% recycled polyester fibers. This special combination gives them their distinctive, cuddly texture-- one that's both cozy and squishy to the touch! Rest assured, these Dia de los Muertos Squishmallows are the real thing!

What are Mexican Squishmallows?

In addition to the Day of the Dead Squad, there are also Mexico Squad and Cinco de Mayo Squishmallows designed with creative elements from Mexican culture. These Squish include traditional Mexican figures, foods, plants, and toys - and yes, these Squish characters have fun personalities!

What is a Cinco de Mayo Squishmallow?

A Cinco de Mayo Squishmallow is a special edition plush toy created in celebration of Mexico's annual Cinco de Mayo holiday. This collectible Squish features bright and festive colors and designs, ideal for both decoration and cuddling.

What is Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo, or the fifth of May, is one of the holidays celebrated in Mexico and among many other communities with Mexican heritage. It commemorates the Mexican Army's unlikely victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862.

Time to Celebrate!

Time to Celebrate Dia de los Muertos with Anessa and Catrina the Highland Cow

Are you ready?

Learning about the Day of the Dead celebrations is a treat! (Right after Halloween, no less!) We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

It's a great holiday to share with loved ones who may have no idea about the charm and significance of the holiday that has much to offer to anyone - not just those in Mexico.

You can plan your own fiesta, create a display of photos, share some traditional foods, try out some masks or face paint, and enjoy remembering your loved ones together!

And remember to share what you've learned so that more people can understand how to follow this meaningful holiday! You'll be able to send out some holiday cheer!

Grabbing up a few special Day of the Dead Squishmallows will brighten up your celebrations.

Inviting these Squish characters to your fiestas is a fun way to offer comfort while remembering special people we have lost.

I think we can agree that Squishmallows are something to experience!

Plus, beginning a Squishmallow collection can be an exciting journey.

22 Day of the Dead Squishmallow Reviews! (6 New in 2023!)
Frightfully cute Day of the Dead Squishmallows are ready to crash your Dia de los Muertos fiestas! We love these intricate designs and fun colors!

Check out our many Squishmallow articles for inspiration, and then check out where you might find these must-have creatures!

Not only do you get to enjoy the softness and cuteness of these plush toys, but you also get to appreciate the artistry and cultural significance behind their Dia de los Muertos designs.

Now that's a Squishmallows win-win!

We'd love to hear your thoughts, so send us a review as you grow your Squishmallow clan!

Wishing you many happy memories shared among family and friends!

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