Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure into the world of rare Halloween Squishmallows?

Prepare to be amazed as we uncover the most exclusive, limited edition plush toys that have captured the hearts of collectors worldwide.

Get ready to explore "what Halloween Squishmallows are rare,” learn tips for finding these elusive treasures, and discover how to care for your precious collection to keep them in perfect condition.

Let’s dive on into the enchanting universe of rare Halloween Squishmallows!

Key Takeaways

Rare Halloween Squishmallows in 2023

As the spooky season approaches, the excitement for the Halloween Squishmallows 2023 collection is at an all-time high!

These limited-time-release, super soft plush toys are part of the larger Squishmallow collection, which includes characters inspired by:

  • Disney characters, Sanrio (including Hello Kitty,) Dinosaurs, Fun Foods, and many, many Unique Animals!

The demand for these Halloween-themed Squishmallows is skyrocketing, contributing to the overall Squishmallow craze.

This has created a huge resale market for these highly sought-after toys, including most Squishmallows squads and Christmas Squishmallows.

The craze is reminiscent of the Beanie Babies phenomenon from back in the day! (If you aren't sure how far back, don't worry about it!)

In 2023, some of the rarest Squishmallows and most sought-after Halloween Squishmallows include Jack the Black Cat, Spooky Sally, and Haunting Jack Skellington.

These characters are considered the most adorable Squishmallows and are perfect additions to any Halloween decorations or rare Squishmallow collection.

Let's introduce you to these spooky sweet characters and their distinctive features.

Jack the Black Cat

Meet Jack the Black Cat, the rarest Squishmallow ever created - and also the most limited!

Jack is not just any Squishmallow, he holds the prestigious title of being the 500th Squishmallow ever created!

He is also the very first limited-edition Squishmallow to be exclusively sold on

Jack made his debut as part of the all-new "Select Series." This special series is easily recognized by its sleek black matte hangtag, indicating that the character is rare and highly sought-after.

To further emphasize his unique collectability, Jack proudly displays a beautifully embroidered gold heart with a "500" emblem on the inside of his left ear and on his exquisite gold sewn-in label.

And metaphorically speaking, Jack's got a heart of gold as he believes in giving back and lending a helping hand.

Measuring at a generous 16 inches, the black cat Jack is an elegant all-black cat. However, there's a catch - there are only 500 of these extraordinary Squishmallows ever made available for purchase. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a true collector's item!

As of September 2023, this exclusive plush toy now has an estimated value of roughly $1,299.99! As you can imagine, Jack the Black Cat is a highly coveted treasure among collectors.

With his all-black coat, he's the epitome of the strong silent type.

But don't let his quiet demeanor fool you. This black cat Squishmallow Jack is always there, steadfast and unflinching, when you need a friend the most.

He's not just a pretty face with closed white eyes and whimsical white whiskers. He's also a cat of conviction, never hesitating to raise his voice for himself or those he holds dear.

Yes, he can be a tad feisty, but isn't that part of his charm?

So why should you consider adding Jack to your Squishmallow collection?

Well, not only will you be embracing a rare Halloween gem, but you'll also be welcoming a friend who's got your back, cuddles on demand, and a golden heart.

And hey, who knows? Maybe Jack's feisty spirit will rub off on you, too!

Spooky Sally

Spooky Sally, a rare Halloween-themed Squishmallow, draws inspiration from Tim Burton's beloved movie characters in “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

This red-haired doll dons a vibrant patchwork dress and possesses a gentle, kind, funny, and delightfully silly personality.

With a strong belief in helping those in need, Sally becomes an endearing addition to any Halloween collection, alongside the popular mummy Squishmallow friends and the highly sought-after pumpkin Squishmallow named Paige.

Her distinctive design and connection to Tim Burton's iconic characters make her a coveted choice among collectors.

As you expand your collection and look for rare Halloween Squishies, make sure to embrace the chance to showcase this rare and charming character in your display!

Haunting Jack Skellington

Introducing the rare Haunting Jack Skellington Squishmallow, the perfect addition for Halloween collectors and fans of “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” This adorable plush toy features:

  • A skeleton-like appearance
  • A black suit
  • A bat-like tie
  • Black eyes
  • The cutest smile ever

Jack Skellington’s personality is kind, patient, and hilarious, with a belief in kindness towards all.

Jack Skellington, the protagonist of the tale, conceived the notion for Halloween Town to seize control of Christmas. Although his plan ultimately proves unsuccessful, it is not without teaching him the profound significance behind the holiday.

Jack Skellington, transformed into a delightful Squishmallow, exudes an irresistibly enchanting spookiness. Adorned in his iconic suit, complete with a bat bowtie and captivating round eyes, he captures hearts with his eerie charm.

Jack Skellington Squishmallow is a must-have for fans of the iconic movie and those looking to add a touch of spooky charm to their Halloween collection. Don’t let this rare gem slip through your fingers; make sure to grab one when you see it!

Exclusive Halloween Squishmallows

In addition to rare Halloween Squish, there are also exclusive Squishmallows that can only be found at specific retailers or in certain countries. These elusive plush toys hold a unique appeal for collectors who appreciate the thrill of the hunt.

Let's investigate several of these unique Halloween Squishmallows and where they came to be!

Oogie Boogie Delight

Oogie Boogie Delight is a plush toy found mostly on eBay and Mercari at varying prices.

This malevolent character, offered in both green and beige hues, takes inspiration from the beloved film "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

His design showcases a ghostly visage, with eyes that exude an eerie allure, and features a captivating pattern of red dice adorning its lower body.

Oogie Boogie is sure to give your collection a spooky edge. This unique character, with a grudge against traditional Halloween customs, believes in a more wicked and malevolent celebration.

Crafted from a distinctive burlap sack, Oogie Boogie is not your average cuddly toy. He's filled to the brim with an assortment of creepy-crawlies - thousands of bugs, a duo of spiders, and even a slithering snake.

So why should you add Oogie Boogie to your rare Squishmallow squad?

Well, who wouldn't want a rare hair-raising Halloween memento that laughs in the face of convention and embraces the spooktacular spirit in all its glory?

After all, variety is the spice of life... or in this case, the fright of Halloween!

Canadian Exclusives

A few rare Halloween Squishmallows were created as exclusives to Canada, including Casey the Candy Corn Bat, Gio the Gargoyle, and Aldron the Plague Doctor.

Although these cuties were originally only available in Canada, the internet has made everything available everywhere!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add these exclusives to your rare Halloween Squishmallows collection.

Their unique designs and original regional exclusivity make them true collector’s items!

Casey the Candy Corn Bat

Meet Casey, the Candy Corn Bat, an absolute marvel in the Squishmallow universe with a super sweet smile.

Now, you might be scratching your head, wondering how a candy corn bat ended up as a traffic cop.

Well, that's the charm of Casey! She's not just any ordinary stuffed toy; she's a vigilant guardian of the busy Squishmallow streets, ensuring every mallow has a cozy and safe place to reside.

Casey is a delightful mix of colors and elements, reflecting her vibrant personality.

Her body mimics a piece of candy corn, with a snowy white top that gradually transitions into a warm orange center, ending with a cheerful yellow at the bottom.

She's sweet, but Casey is also an adventurous night creature.

Her jet-black bat wings are a stark contrast against her candy corn body, adding a touch of mystery to her persona.

And did we mention her fashion sense?

One of her bat Squishmallow editions has a bewitching black witch hat perched atop her head, adorned with a purple band and an orange buckle, giving her an undeniable Halloween appeal.

Gio the Gargoyle

Meet Gio the Gargoyle, the Squishmallow who defies the confines of small spaces with a flap of his wings.

He heads out nightly to fly downtown over tall bridges, buildings, and trees!

This dragon-like creature is a spectacle to behold, sporting a dull white coat speckled with black, reminiscent of a starry night sky flipped on its head.

His grey belly and snout contrast beautifully against his body, while his wide-open eyes seem to invite you into his world of high-altitude adventures.

But it's his wings that truly steal the show; black as the midnight sky, adorned with skeletal white markings that whisper tales of ancient lore.

Topping off his look are dark grey horns and lighter grey ears, adding to his unique, mythical charm.

So, why should you consider adding Gio to your collection?

Well, aside from being a rare Halloween Squishmallow, he embodies the spirit of freedom and adventure like no other.

Whether you're an avid collector or a Squishmallow newbie, Gio is sure to add a touch of mystery and magical to your lineup.

Ready to take flight with Gio?

Remember, in the world of Squishmallows, the sky isn't the limit - it's just the beginning!

Aldron the Plague Doctor

Say hello to Aldron, the misunderstood Plague Doctor. Despite his slightly eerie appearance, don't let it fool you!

Underneath that white mask with a beak, and the black collar shirt with a grey belly adorned by purple buttons, beats the heart of a true softie.

His round black eyes are not just the windows to his soul, but also to a world where everything is sprinkled with kindness.

When he's not whipping up extra sweet pumpkin spice lattes at his coffee shop, he's lending a helping hand to his friend Benti at the local animal shelter, bottle-feeding the most adorable baby kittens.

The contrast between his dark, mysterious attire, featuring a black hat secured with a purple belt, and his warm, inviting personality is what makes Aldron truly unique.

So why should you add this rare Halloween Squishmallow to your collection?

Well, because everyone needs an Aldron in their lives - a little bit spooky, a lot of sweet, and a total purr-fect companion!

Tips for Finding Rare Halloween Squishmallows

Now that you’re familiar with some of the rare and exclusive Halloween Squishmallows, you might be wondering how to get your hands on these elusive treasures.

Fear not, for we have compiled a list of valuable tips and tricks to help you find and purchase your dream Squishmallow plush toys from various sources, including online retailers and niche stores.

With the right knowledge and a bit of luck, you can find the perfect Squishmallow.

Online Retailers

Several online retailers offer rare Halloween Squishmallows for sale, such as Amazon, Walmart, and Owl & Goose Gifts.

Most retailers provide a convenient platform for customers to browse and compare prices for rare Squishmallows.

Keep an eye on these websites for new listings and limited-time offers, as availability might vary.

Acting quickly when you spot a rare Halloween Squishmallow on an online retailer’s website is key.

Subscribe to Squishmallow bloggers - like me! Enthusiastic bloggers are constantly writing articles reviewing and sharing information on all kinds of Squish buddies and where they may have spotted them!

Due to their popularity and limited availability, these plush toys can sell out in no time. Be persistent and patient, and you’ll eventually snag that elusive Squishmallow you’ve been coveting.

Niche Stores and Boutiques

In addition to online retailers, niche stores and boutiques can also be a treasure trove for rare Halloween Squishmallows.

Stores like Claire’s, Hallmark, and Five Below might carry exclusive and hard-to-find Squishmallows that are not available in mainstream retail.

Regular visits and building rapport with the staff at niche stores and boutiques can amplify your chances of finding rare Halloween Squishmallows.

They might be able to provide insider information on upcoming releases and help you secure your desired Squishmallow.

The Resale Market for Rare Halloween Squishmallows

The resale market for rare Halloween Squishmallows is quite active, with collectors and fans competing to acquire the most sought-after plush toys.

Prices can range from $60 to a staggering $2000, depending on the demand and rarity of specific expensive Squishmallows.

Navigating this dynamic market requires knowledge of popular platforms for trading rare Halloween Squishmallows and tactics for securing the best deals.

Auction Sites

Auction sites such as eBay and Mercari are popular platforms for buying and selling rare Halloween Squishmallows at varying prices. These websites offer:

  • A wide array of rare Squishmallows
  • The convenience of comparing price ranges to find the best bargains
  • A safe and secure platform for buyers and sellers to exchange goods.

Careful reading of product descriptions and asking questions if unsure are vital when using auction sites to trade rare Halloween Squishmallows.

Sellers should provide detailed descriptions and clear photos of the item.

Always use a secure payment method to ensure a smooth transaction and protect yourself from potential scams.

Social Media Groups

Social media groups and forums are another valuable resource for collectors looking to buy, sell, or trade rare Halloween Squishmallows.

These online communities allow collectors to discuss the latest trends, share tips and tricks for finding rare Squishmallows, and connect with like-minded enthusiasts.

To join social media groups dedicated to rare Halloween Squishmallows, search for them on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Look for active and popular groups by searching for "Squishmallows Collectors," "Squishmallow Trading," and "Squishmallows Marketplace."

Engaging with these communities can help you expand your network and improve your chances of finding the rare Halloween Squishmallow you’ve been searching for.

Caring for Your Rare Halloween Squishmallows Collection

After acquiring your rare Halloween Squishmallows, proper care and maintenance are paramount to conserve their value and condition.

This section offers advice on cleaning, storing, and showcasing your treasured collection to maintain its pristine condition for years ahead.

Cleaning and Storage

To keep your rare Halloween Squishmallows looking their best, proper cleaning is essential. Here are some cleaning tips.

For all you Squishmallow aficionados out there, the ever-present question is - can these cuddly, squishy toys survive a trip through the washer or dryer?

The answer is of the utmost importance if you are hoping to retain the collectibility and rarity values. Not only does your Squishmallow need to remain clean, the tag needs to be attached and can't go through the wash!

Though it might be tempting to pop your Squishmallow into the washing machine or give it a tumble in the dryer, it's advisable to resist such impulses.

It's a continuing debate, and there are many who argue that it's not an issue, and that these Squishmallows are resilient enough to handle it, but continue reading for our top tips on Squishy care.

These soft and huggable creatures favor more gentle cleaning methods. I would suggest treating them to a sponge bath with a mild soap and warm water.

Carefully dab at any stains or marks, making sure not to scrub too hard so as not to disrupt their squishy charm. Use a hand soap or mild soap lightly if needed.

Once cleaned, let them dry naturally! I've often sped up the process with a fan.

Your Squishmallows will be clean and eager to embark on further adventures with their reliable fiesta friends heading to Día de los Muertos events.

Now, bear in mind, I'm a parent as well! If you have children, pets, or just generally live life on the edge, there will be times when your Squishy has had an unfortunate encounter with a candy bar or has had a little too much milk to drink!

Again, if collecting is your aim, do not let your Squish play with kids!

In such dire circumstances, machine washing on a gentle cycle with a gentle detergent may be necessary. I would still avoid using the dryer as the heat may damage the plush texture.

For those with delicate decorations and attachments or special appliques, fuzzy materials, accessories, and ornaments, please stick to hand washing and air drying.

Treat your cherished Squishmallows with the tender loving care they rightfully deserve!

After cleaning your Squishmallows, store them in a clean, dry place to keep them dust-free and looking their best. Proper storage will help maintain their value and ensure they remain a cherished part of your collection for years to come.

Displaying Your Collection

Show off your rare Halloween Squishmallows collection with pride by displaying them in an eye-catching and creative way. Here are some ideas:

  • Group them by theme, size, or color
  • Use different levels and heights to add visual interest
  • Enhance the display with props and accessories that complement the Halloween theme, such as miniature pumpkins, spider webs, or a small haunted house backdrop.

For added effect, use soft, warm lights to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for your Squishmallows display.

String lights or LED candles can provide a truly magical touch.

If you have a large collection, consider rotating your Squishmallows throughout the season to keep your display looking fresh and exciting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know which Squishmallows are rare?

First, you have to define "rare!"

In reality, any Squishmallow that has become hard to find for a number of reasons is generally considered "rare" among Squishmallow enthusiasts.

This could be that it's been several years since the Squishmallow was released or because the Squishmallow was just released and everyone has to have one!

I pretty much subscribe to this definition when I'm sharing "rare" Squishmallows in our blog articles.

However, if I ever graduate to being a dedicated super collector...

Introducing the Squishmallows Rarity Scale!

What is the Squishmallows Rarity Scale?

Discover the joy of collecting Squishmallows with their unique rarity scale released in April 2022, igniting the thrill of the hunt in every collector!

Get ready to chase and collect all-new, limited quantity ‘Mallows featuring special seals on their hangtags. Take your #SquishHunt to the next level!

Any Squishmallow with a rarity label has a maximum number of units that will ever be manufactured of them before their design is retired permanently.

You can tell which Squishmallows are rare by comparing the hangtag on your Squishmallow and looking at the Rarity Scale!

The Rarity Scale is a whole new world of Squishmallow chaos, and will provide valuable information for serious collectors!

Just make sure you don't get so stressed out that your quest is no longer fun!

Are First to Market Squishmallows Rare?

Alright, gather 'round Squishmallow enthusiasts, it's time to dive further into the world of rare and elusive squishy pals! Let's unravel this squishy mystery together!

First-to-market Squishmallows, despite their fancy name, are actually the most common rarity in the Squishmallow universe. Think of them as the pioneers, the first 5000 of their kind to step foot (or paw!) in stores. They're like the celebrities of the Squishmallow world, complete with their own special symbol on the tag!

Now, don't confuse these tags with the regular common Squishmallow tags - they're as different as chalk and cheese! The first-to-market tags have this snazzy little symbol to the right, kind of like a secret handshake among Squishmallows.

And where can you find these Squishmallow superstars? Well, they're pretty common in your average stores stocking Squishmallows. But here's the catch - the earlier the 'Squishdate' on a tag with the symbol, the rarer the Squishmallow becomes. It's like a treasure hunt, with the rarity depending on trends and restock times.

So, are first-to-market Squishmallows rare? Well, they're not exactly hiding at the end of a rainbow, but their rarity can increase over time.

Are holiday Squishmallows rare?

Most Christmas Squishmallows can be incredibly rare and harder to find - as the years go by making them highly sought after! With some of the highest resale values out of the seasonal Squishmallow range, it’s clear that these festive toys are highly desirable.

Where can I find exclusive Halloween Squishmallows?

Anytime you are on the Squishmallow hunt, the tips and tricks are about the same!

Learn more in our article on finding Day of the Dead Squishmallows. The basics always apply.

Exclusive Squishmallows are limited to certain distribution channels, so it's the best idea to sign up for alerts and newsletters from online stores and retail store websites.

Shop for some of these unique and fun Squishmallows today and get ready for a spooky season!

What materials are used to make Squishmallows?

Squishmallows are made of a marshmallow-like material and packed with an ultra-soft stuffing crafted from 100% recycled polyester fibers. This special combination gives them their distinctive, cuddly texture-- one that's both cozy and squishy to the touch!

Happy Haunted Squish Hunting!

Embarking on the thrilling journey to discover and collect rare Halloween Squishmallows can be an exciting and rewarding experience.

With a keen eye, persistence, and the tips and tricks shared in this blog post, you’ll be well on your way to building an impressive and cherished collection of these exclusive plush toys.

May your Halloween collection bring you joy, comfort, and a touch of spooky charm for many Halloweens to come!

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