What's not to love about Squishmallows? These cuddly plush toys are irresistibly soft and perfect for snuggling. Their big, round eyes and sweet expressions are sure to make you smile, and their soft fur is sure to keep you warm on a cold night. Whether you're looking for a new best friend or just a little bit of comfort, Squishmallows are a perfect choice.

So, what is Pilar the Squishmallow?

It's been a mystery - but it's been solved!

Believe it or not, some people mistake her for a caterpillar or just a plain old bug! The rest of the people just don't know. That's why you're here!

Pilar the Squishmallow is a green Grasshopper from the Sassy Squishmallow Squad!

Pilar is always down for a fun day out! Today, she and her friend are going to start off with a little hacky sack or disc golf. Then, they'll probably want to find a good spot to eat. Pilar loves all kinds of snacks!

Pilar is one adorable grasshopper! With her green wings, soft yellow belly, and pink cheeks, she's definitely a sight to behold. Her eyes are black as coal and her smile is simple but charming. She's definitely a little grasshopper with a lot of personality!

You'll want to get to know the rest of the Sassy Squad, too! Only 6 adorable squishies were selected for this special honor in early 2022! Only sweet, but sassy squish buddies were chosen.

The Sassy Squad Fun Facts:

Pilar the Grasshopper - "likes to start off with a little hacky sack or disc golf." (We know that now.)

Joelle the Bigfoot - "wants to be an ambassador when she grows up, she likes to help people."

Sunny the Bee - "looks forward to becoming a weather reporter when she's older."

Farryn the Fawn - "thinks she would make a great storm chaser when she grows up."

Sabine the Fox - "she loves making custom accessories for her friends. "

Rodina the Unicorn - "loves any occasion where she can pet pets and discuss foods from distant lands."

Just like all Squishmallows they make fantastic couch companions, bedtime buddies, and travel teammates!

This group just does it with some sassy, but sweet, attitude!

If you're ready to purchase your own Pilar, read about our favorites!

Learn even more about the Sassy Squad members at Squishmallows Wiki!

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