If you're in the market for an unconventional yet super sweet gift for a special someone, you will love Pilar the Grasshopper Squishmallow. This little gal is all ready for a relaxing afternoon! Lace-up those tennis shoes and head on out! Pilar likes hacky sack and disc golf because she's good at them! And she's always up for a yummy snack! What shall we do first?

Plus, who can resist those adorable pink cheeks and fuzzy antennae? Plus, its bright green color is sure to stand out among all the other toys in your child's stuffed animal collection. Pilar makes the perfect gift for any occasion, and she's sure to bring a smile to everyone's face. So why not add her to your shopping cart today?

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Rutabaga Caterpillar Squishmallow 7.5"

Sweet BFF!

Have you met Rutabaga the Caterpillar? She's got her own unique name, and she is cute as a button! Did you notice how much she looks like her friend, Pilar the Grashopper? This is why people sometimes think that Pilar is a Caterpillar!

After all the stuffed animal identity mixups, they've become fast friends! So we just had to include her so you can bring this dynamic duo home together!

This adorable little caterpillar is a bit of a chocolate addict, but in the cutest way possible. She loves peanut butter cups and chocolate chip cookies, and will be so excited to see a package of her favorite treats waiting for her when she wakes up. Plus, she's always up for a good time, so she'll make a great companion for your next party!

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Double Trouble, But Double Cute!

Pilar and Rutabaga are two very special Squishmallows! They love spending time together and have so much fun. You can't go wrong with either one of them, but when you buy them as a team you're getting twice the squish and double the fun. They love to be your pillow pals for warmth, bedtime buddies, travel teammates, and couch companions! Click through today and be a dedicated Pilar browser looking for the next Squishmallow to join your squad. Get details, current pricing, and availability.

Need more friends for Pilar the Grasshopper? Visit the Squishmallow Store!

Wishing you a sweet afternoon!

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