A Penguin Squishmallow is the perfect combination of cute and cuddly! There are several great sizes of penguins for kids and adults alike. The fabric is both soft and super squeezable with a squishy filling; it's impossible not to give them a good snuggle. The rounded shape also makes these the perfect companion for any type of adventure, whether it be on a road trip or just lounging around at home - think couch companions and bedtime buddies! With a friendly face and comforting aura, these cute super soft plush toys are sure to become someone’s best friend in no time!

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Luna the Penguin Squishmallow is the perfect gift for those times when you need a lift. She's got all the right moves to make anyone smile. Not only is she soft and cuddly, but her playful nature will also help boost your mood, making her ideal for comfy days and fun nights.

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8" Luna

Luna is a proud member of the Sleepy Eyes Squad! Luna's unique combination of spunk and coziness makes her a great companion no matter what life throws your way. Luna will definitely put a little extra sunshine in your day! You're going to love this Squishmallow penguin!

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Piper the Penguin is all dressed up in a Pineapple Costume! This sweet and cuddly penguin is sure to be a hit with all ages. She's the perfect combination of cute and quirky that will brighten any room she's in. Not only is she wearing an adorable pineapple costume, but she also has a passion for art that is sure to inspire anyone who sees her. Her favorite fruit is pineapples, which makes her costume even more special!

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8" Luna with Blue Christmas Scarf

You're gonna love Luna dressed up in this blue winter Christmas Scarf! Same personality, different scarf!

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Raina is the perfect example of why a Squishmallow is the ideal gift. After all, who wouldn't want their own personal plan master to accompany them on their adventures? Not only are these cuddly and squishable penguins adorable, but they can also help you stay organized. With their plush fur and comforting embrace, they're sure to make any recipient smile while they get things done. This penguin might just win your Squishmallow of the year award!

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Puff the Squishmallow is sure to bring a smile to your face with his extra marshmallows in his cocoa and silly antics! Plus, you can trust him to keep all your secrets safe - just like a best friend should. Puff is made from ultra-soft, cuddly material and will instantly brighten up any room. His squishy body also makes him great for hugs and cuddles. With all his charm and personality, he's sure to be adored by anyone lucky enough to have him join their family.

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Luna just can't stop dressing up for the holidays! Take her along in this cute Christmas sweater to all your festive activities!

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If you're looking for the perfect gift for that special someone, look no further than this Squishmallow! Tomara loves blackberry jam on peanut butter toast and would love to have a plushie of her favorite breakfast companion. Plus, this cuddly critter is made from soft and cozy materials, making it the perfect companion for any time of day. If they love adventure as much as Tomara does, then take them on a trip to a blackberry farm with their new companion! They'll be able to pick the sweetest berries together and make enough jam to last all year.

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What's better than a Tomara Penguin Backpack? A Tomara Penguin 5" cuddle buddy that can hide away inside!

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Louisa the Penguin Squishmallow is an adorable princess of the slopes who stands out with her hot pink skis and sparkly snowsuits that drifts across the snow like a dream. She's sure to bring hours of fun and entertainment as your recipient glides along with her on numerous ski trips this winter. Her plush body is so soft and huggable, she'll be a constant companion all season long. What better way to show someone you care than gifting them this incredible penguin? Not only will it brighten up their snowy days, but it will fill their heart with warmth and love for many winters to come.

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You can take the sweet Valentine Louisa everywhere you go! On your backpack, purse, or tote bag! These are the perfect size accessories!

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Luna has yet another Christmas outfit! Ready to party!

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This adorable Christmas Squad includes Luna plus Carol the Tree, Yuri the Yeti, Ruby the Reindeer, Nick the Santa, and Luca the Nutcracker.

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You'll love this Collector set that includes Puff and Piper, Fifi Fox, Hans Hedgehog, Hoot Owl, Cameron Cat, Holly Owl, and Wendy Frog.

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Penguin Party Time!

Ready to have some fun with your favorite squishable stuffed animal friends? These 14 Fun Penguin Squishmallow Comfy and Cuddly Favorites are a great gift that is perfect for anyone who loves these adorable little creatures. You can use the buttons to click through to the website today to confirm details, current pricing, availability, shipping and delivery options. You can also expect great reviews for all ages! Most sites accept returns, but we're sure you don't give them up after the first hug! So what are you waiting for? Get your very own penguin pal today!

Be sure to read the article about care instructions for your squishy friends: Can You Put Squishmallows in the Washer? Or in the Dryer? Or visit the site to get information about the importance to air dry your friends.

Thinking about a playtime pal for your Sweet Penguin? Then your first order of business is to check out our articles below with stuffed animals of the Squishmallows Squad and visit the Squishmallow Store!

See you at the party!

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