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Not only will these towels make sure you stay dry after swimming, but the squishies will provide a great cuddle buddy for those relaxing moments in the shade. Plus, these squishmallows are made of super marshmallow soft material that feels oh-so-good against your skin!

Their bright colors and cheerful designs will bring a smile to your face, while their durable construction makes them ideal for long days of play.

Furthermore, these Beachy Squishmallow faves can be easily washed for easy maintenance and care. So what are you waiting for? Get ready for an awesome beach day with these adorable Squishmallow towels and pals!

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Bring the cuddly and adorable Squishmallows to your daily bath and swimming time with the fun-filled “Cuddles of Fun” hooded towel. So don’t wait; wrap up your little ones in comfort and style with these delightful character towels today!

This cute Squishmallow towel is the perfect way to keep your kiddo warm, dry and super comfy after a day of fun! This adorable towel is crafted from high-quality cotton terry material that's soft to the touch, ultra absorbent and quick-drying. Whether they're playing in the pool, at the beach or on a sunny day outside, this towel has them covered! The bright colours and cool designs will bring a smile to everyone's face with handy corner pockets that let kids stay warm and snug.

And don't forget – this cute accessory can also be used in the bathroom or at home! So why settle for less when you can give your little one an extra special treat? Treat them to the Squishmallow Towel today and make bath time even more enjoyable.

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Do you want to turn your pool or beach day into an extra special experience? This vibrant, “Poolside Fun” Squishmallow towel features six of the world’s cutest and cuddliest characters – Cam the cat, Fifi the fox, Lola the unicorn, Hans the hedgehog, Winston the owl and Gordon the shark – this quality beach towel will make sure your swimming adventure is filled with smiles.

The high-quality material of this towel means that it will stand up to everything a day at the pool or beach can throw at it. It's ideal for drying off after a dip in the water and its soft texture ensures that you won’t need to worry about any uncomfortable skin irritations. Whether you choose to lay out on your own or share with friends, you're sure to be instantly transported into a world of fun as soon as you spread it out. 

This bright and cheerful patterned towel also makes a wonderful decoration for any bathroom. Hang up this vibrant reminder of summer days spent frolicking around in the sand and splashing around in pools or lakes. It's sure to add a pop of colour to your décor and bring back memories for years!

So don't wait another second - treat yourself or someone special today with this fun-filled Squishmallow poolside towel! Perfect for beach days, pool parties or just lounging at home - it's truly an item everyone can enjoy.

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Welcome to Squishville beach, where the fun never stops! And now, with Naomi, the lavender narwhal joining the party, this two-inch plush set is sure to be a hit. With its beach-themed accessories – a sand castle accessory and a beach chair – your little one can explore this delightful beach oasis right in your own home or backyard.

Squeeze and hug Naomi as you imagine all kinds of adventures or just relax under the sun with your plush pal. Your child's creativity will run wild as they play with this mini plush beach accessory! They can create endless scenes with their mini plush buddy in its new 2-inch size! Plus, this whimsical playset encourages early learning and social skills development such as sharing and problem solving. So grab some sunscreen, roll up those sleeves, and join Naomi for an unforgettable day of fun at Squishville Beach!

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These super soft plushy stuffed animals are the best warm and cuddly fun! Plus, they are the best size to take with you wherever you go! Set of 8 includes: Indie, Orzella, Fabiola, Samir, Gordon, Nabila, Archie and Livvy! These adorabe plush accessories are sure to please any Squishmallow enthusiast or collector! This set is the great gift idea! As always, these squishies are made with high-quality materials.

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If you're looking for the perfect companion to take on your adventures or just to cuddle up with and catch some Zs, Maeve the Squishmallow is the one for you! This mellow 'Mallow loves nothing more than going with the flow and seeing where life takes her. When she's not exploring, she loves curling up with a good book and a saltwater taffy snack. Maeve's laid back attitude makes them perfect for those seeking that calming presence in their life. Plus, their signature soft fur is sure to give you all the warm hugs you need.

This unique Squishmallow has a personality as big as its giant size and will quickly become your best friend - always there with a smile and giving you those good vibes! Whether it’s a day at the beach, helping out around the house, or having some fun in the sun, Maeve is happy to join you on any adventure. With an infectious sense of calmness and joie de vivre, this squishy buddy will bring joy into your life in no time! So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a Maeve today and take your first steps into an exciting journey of relaxation and discovery!

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Introducing Aicha, the Squishmallow with an unforgettable personality. She's the prettiest shell on the beach and the strongest swimmer in the ocean. Not only is she absolutely gorgeous to look at, but she’s also a life saver! She dives courageously into danger to save other creatures of the sea, quickly becoming everyone’s best friend and bringing a smile to every face she meets. Aicha was made for having fun in the sun, so why not join her as she frolics around and brings joy to your home?

With her unique look, endearing personality and heart of gold, Aicha will quickly become one of your most beloved Squishmallows. And what better way to show off such a beautiful character than with a soft and squishy plush toy you can take everywhere? Provide your family always-needed comfort during those stormy nights or just have some fun around with friends by introducing them to Aicha - they'll surely be delighted! So don't wait any longer - get ready for some sun-soaked adventure and bring home this wonderful Squishmallow today!

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If you're looking for a fun and playful companion, then meet Canda the Squishmallow! This stylish fish is always ready to make a memorable statement with her unique fashion sense. She loves being the life of the party and showing off her best looks. Whether it's a fancy dress or just some casual everyday wear, Canda knows how to rock it!

But she isn't all about looks; she has an amazing gift of gab too. Her friends know they can come to her for some good gossip, but she'll also tell them when enough is enough. Plus, this Squishmallow is made from super soft material that makes cuddling extra comfy! Canda will bring an extra bit of fun to any room or occasion. So what are you waiting for? Invite this fashion-forward fish into your home today and have a blast with Canda!

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If you're looking for a unique and clever stuffed animal, Berna the narwhal lawyer is the perfect choice! Not only is she adorable, but she also has a big heart and an infectious enthusiasm for life. She's always ready to lend a helping fin and offer sound advice when needed. Crafted with the highest quality materials, Berna is sure to be your child's lifelong companion - she's built to last! With her bright blue eyes, soft fur and cheerful smile, this Squishmallow will bring joy to your home. Plus, she'll inspire your little one to dream big and stay positive even through the toughest of times. 

Berna stands out from the rest thanks to her great educational value. She encourages creative thinking and problem solving skills, as well as advocating for positive change in the world around us. What's more, this cuddly narwhal also helps kids learn about protecting our ocean friends - such an important lesson for today's generations! Get your child their very own Berna squishmallow today - it’s sure to make their day brighter!

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Time to Get Dry and Cuddly!

These Squishmallow Towels and Sea Squishies are the cutest, most fun beach accessories out there! They're perfect for beach days, pool days, bathtime, or just cuddling up on the couch. Click through today to confirm details and current pricing. Hurry - anything Squishmallow sells out fast!

And don't worry! If you haven't found the perfect blanket or bedding set yet, visit the Franco Store, the Squishmallows Store, or the Squishville Store for more great choices!

Don't forget the sunblock!

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