Hi everyone! It's great to have you join us as we explore another super cute and cuddly member of the Squishmallow family, Rada the Claw Machine!

What Does Rada Like To Do?

Meet Rada the Claw Machine Squishmallow! Not only is she passionate and driven, but she also has stars in her eyes. She dreams of becoming the CEO of her own company one day, and she's ready to take on the challenge. With her sharp claws and indomitable spirit, nothing can stop this determined little Squishmallow from achieving her goals.

What's Her Special Story?

When you bring home this unique Squishmallow, you're also bringing home a piece of inspiration. Rada will light up any room with her positive energy and remind you to never give up on your dreams. Plus, she's the only claw machine Squishmallow out there - what other Squishmallows can say they come with a built-in business model? Owning Rada is like investing in the future success of a driven individual; it's an investment that's sure to pay off!

Rada also loves to share stories about how she wants to change the world someday - make sure to listen closely so that you can help her develop those big ideas! Whether you collect Squishmallows or just need a daily dose of motivation, there’s no better addition to your family than Rada the Claw Machine!

What Does She Look Like? (She took a few selfies!)

With her bright yellow body, teal bottom, and white and teal striped top, she'll be sure to stand out in any room. Her two purple and red round buttons on the right and a red and grey joystick on the left let you control every move, so you can get all the prizes you want.

But that's not all; thanks to the claw in the top right corner of her light blue window, you're guaranteed accuracy (and success) every time. And with an array of prizes lined up at the bottom, your prize selection is never-ending! Plus, with those cute round black eyes and smiling mouth, Rada shows off her warm personality as well - it's impossible not to love her!

Is She Soft And Squishy Like All The Other Squishmallows?

Yes! This Rada plush character is a super soft, perfectly sized Squishmallow. Squishy toys and soft plush stuffed animals make the best gifts! Rada's soft, squishy exterior is super comfy making it easy to cuddle up and take a nap wherever you go. She's got the same incredibly cozy polyester fiber and marshmallow-like texture! Rada is always ready for hours of unbeatable fun!

And She's Got Friends!

Add Rada To Your Squishy Collection Today!

Rada the Claw Machine is sweet as can be and would make a fabulous addition to your Squishmallow Squad! She's perfect for fans and collectors alike. You won't regret adding her to your collection today!

Where Can I Buy Her?

If you want to grab up your own Rada before she's gone, you'll find her in the article below! She'll be there with her pillow-soft gamer friends just hoping you'll come over and play a few rounds!

She came out in 2022, and if you are lucky, you can find her in three sizes: 3.5", 5", 8", or 16". Along with her electronic friends, she's a member of the Squishmallow Backpack Clip Set of 6 Gamer Squad! (TOO Cute!)

Happy you could stop by!

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