Several Valentine Sealife Squishmallows

Need to find the perfect Valentine's Day gift for a special someone?

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and it's time to show your loved ones how much you care!

We've made a couple of updates to this sweet Valentine Sealife Squad!

These squishy Valentines from the Sea Life Squad are the perfect way to show your love and appreciation. These cute and cuddly plush toys are made from super-soft fabric and come in an array of adorable sea life friends, from whales to penguins, to octopi!

They’re perfect for snuggling and their unique designs make them a great conversation starter. Plus, they’re the perfect size for carrying around and showing off to friends.

Don't wait if you find the perfect Valentine Squishmallow! These go in and out of stock quickly! If you receive an out-of-stock message, please visit the Squishmallows Store site to search additional cuddly options!

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When it comes to looks, Aneta is one fabulous red lobster. She's rocking those classic lobster claws, antennae, and a tail that just won't quit. And check out her adorable cream tummy—it's got "CLAWSOME!" written all over it, literally! With her charming black eyes and a cute, simple smile, Aneta's sure to steal your heart.

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"I'd cross oceans for 4U" Can't get much sweeter!

8" Big Eyes Olina - click to see her pic on Amazon

16"Big Eye and Winking Eye Olina - click o see her pic on Amazon

This Valentine's Day, let's do something super fun and gift a big hug in the form of the most adorable octopus ever, Olina! She's not just any octopus; she's a baking genius who whips up the yummiest chocolate chip cookies. 🍪 Imagine the joy of gifting a heart-shaped cookie as big and warm as your love this year!

Olina's got those big eyes and eight squishy arms that are perfect for cuddles. She's bound to become your new cuddle buddy, or better yet, your Valentine! So why settle for a plain old card? Grab this charming member of the Sea Life Squad and show your special someone the ocean of love you have for them! 🌊💖

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If you're looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift that's sure to delight everyone, you've got to meet Tomara! This cuddly cutie is sure to bring smiles and laughter to all your loved ones. Made of super soft, high-quality material, she's perfect for snuggling and cuddling anytime. Plus, it has detailed features like big eyes, lovable fins and even a tail that makes it look like a real sea creature!

And guess what? Tomara absolutely adores slathering blackberry jam on her peanut butter toast for breakfast. It's her top pick, and she's all in for having it daily! She's super excited about the upcoming school trip to a blackberry farm. 🍇 Can you believe they might even let them pick their own berries? How cool is that? 🌿👩‍🌾

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Samir, leader of the Sea Life Squad, has always been considerate and kind when it comes to making sure that everyone gets what they need and deserve.

That same kindness has been put into crafting this cuddly little creature – so why not treat yourself or a loved one to something made with such thoughtfulness?

It's an easy way to make anyone smile this Valentine's Day! Plus, with its soft fur and bright colors, this Squishmallow will be a cute addition to any bedroom or living area. So don't wait — get your own Sea Life Squad Squishmallow today!

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Hey there Squishmallow fans! Let's talk about our buddy Henry.

Everyone in the Squishmallow squad can't get enough of his amazing voice – it's just so good! Henry's the go-to guy for all the sports action, always there to give us the play-by-play on basketball, football, and baseball.

But guess what? His heart truly belongs to volleyball – that's his number one! 🏐😊

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Opal the Octopus is an adventurous Valentine who loves nothing more than taking a spin around the puddles after a rain shower. As soon as those first droplets start to fall, Opal can be seen taking off on her journey!

She dives into every big puddle she can find, splashing and spinning through them all with sheer joy. On top of that, she loves to explore the ocean's depths, meeting and making friends along the way. All of these adventures leave Opal feeling refreshed and energized – perfect for spreading some love this Valentine’s Day!

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It's Time to Open Up Your Heart!

While we can’t help you decide which Squishmallow will thrill your Valentine, we hope this post has helped provide some sweet stuffed animals that will be the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

A Valentine Squishmallow from the Sealife Squad is a great option for anyone who loves sea creatures or just needs a little extra love this Valentine’s day. Your Valentine is sure to love them!

Trust us, you can't go wrong with any one of these sweet plush toys!

Be sure to check the price and shipping options for your Amazon account!

Don't forget you can also visit the Squishmallows Store!

You can also visit to read this article with even more Valentines from the Sea Life Squad!

Happy Valentine's Day By The Sea!

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