When it comes to the cosmic discussions between Sinclair the Avocado Toast Squishmallow and his cousin Austin, there's no doubt that they have different beliefs. On one side, you have Sinclair who just isn't convinced without more evidence of alien life existing in the universe. But on the other side, Austin thinks that aliens are real!

Not only does Sinclair come with an avocado toast-themed design that's too cute to pass up, but he's also sure to spark conversations about all things cosmic with his beliefs about alien life. Plus, it'll keep your kids entertained for hours as they go back and forth about their various opinions!

So why not add these intergalactic debaters to your collection today? They're sure to bring lots of cosmic cuteness into your home!

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12" Sinclair

These are the two most popular sizes in the plush toy because they are huggable and make great squishy pillow pals while being small enough to take wherever you go! Sinclair absolutely loves his cousin Austin! These Squishmallows have all the benefits of super-soft, marshmallow-like texture! They're still the best travel teammates, couch companions, and bedtime buddies!

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We love these plush toy clips that add extreme cuteness to your backpacks, gym bags, or totes!

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Sinclair just had to eat an egg during his alien discussions! But even with a gooey egg which is uniquely identifying, Sinclair is still as squishy and cuddly as always! Like all Squishmallows, Sinclair is great for all ages!

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What happens when you stack one Sinclair on top of another? Well, in addition to an awesome avocado sandwich, you get double the squish pillow plush toy!

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12" Austin

If you're looking to take your little one on an out-of-this-world adventure, there's no better companion than Austin the Avocado Squishmallow! He's made with cuddly soft materials and a sweet face! They’re perfect for helping Austin explore the galaxy in search of aliens and other wonders of space. A Squishmallow plush toy makes a great prop for pretend rocket ships. And best of all, these plush companions won’t require rocket fuel or special protective gear to join Austin in his cosmic voyage - just some hugs! So if you want to join Austin on his next out-of-this-world journey, grab your own Squishmallow today!

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Austin has put his space travel on hold over the holidays and is having a blast in his favorite Santa Hat! For a plush toy, he's an amazingly energetic holiday enthusiast!

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Want a big, especially cuddly buddy? This 16" Austin has an extra comfy fuzzy belly!

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It would be a good idea to clip Sinclair and Austin close together. Otherwise, they'll start yelling their opinions across the room, and they are loud! These stuffed animal accessories get great reviews from customers!

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Sinclair is a star in this fun Squishmallows Squad of Foodie Set! Grab up these adorable 5" Squishmallows today!

She's with her friends:

Chanel the Pastry - teaches cake baking and volunteers at the local food pantry! And she makes great party cookies!

Maya the Mint Ice Cream - loves to lend a helping hand!

Keina the Sushi - loves to explore new places and learn new languages!

Poplina the Taro Boba - super sweet and a little shy!

Maui the Pineapple - loves skateboarding and scuba diving!

Bernardo the Burrito - loves to sing and play the piano!

Lena the Guava - makes candles with her own scents!

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It's Brunch In Outer Space Time!

Get ready for some warm, cuddly fun on your next space adventure! Sinclair and his cousin Austin love to talk to anyone who will listen about whether aliens exist or if more proof is needed.

These 9 Deliciously Cute Avocado Toast Squishmallow Cuddlies are the perfect gift for any avocado toast fan in your life! Sinclair the Avocado Toast and his cousin Austin the Avocado are sure to make anyone smile.

Order yours today while they're still available! Click through to get all the toy details, see what's in stock, get current pricing, make a purchase, and more pictures of these lovable squishy toys!

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Enjoy your breakfast, brunch, or lunch!

Maggie, Senior Blog Author
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